Anemia: Understand the Basics

Anemia: Understand the Basics

Anemia is condition in which there is lack of healthy red blood cells in blood. Red blood cells main function is to transport oxygen to organs in body. And if the red blood cells are deficient in the Hemoglobin, then body doesn’t get enough oxygen. Anemia is one of the common blood conditions in United States which affects 3.5 million Americans. Women are more prone to risk of anemia. People who have chronic condition too are at risk.


Important things to remember about anemia are:

Some forms of anemia are hereditary and babies are affected from time of their birth.

Women who are in the childbearing years are more vulnerable for a form of anemia called as iron deficiency anemia. This is due to loss of blood due to menstruation and due to increase in blood supply demand during pregnancy.

Old age people have risk of developing anemia due to poor diet and many medical conditions.

Anemia is of my forms or types. Some can be treated and some are lifelong health problem. All anemias differ in their causes, and their treatments.

Causes of Anemia:

Anemia caused because of Blood Loss:

Red Blood cells when lost due to bleeding. Bleeding can be slowly occurring over long period of time. This often gets undetected. This chronic bleeding results from:

Gastrointestinal conditions: Ulcers, gastritis, hemorrhoids

Due to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen

Menstruation and child birth

Anemia due to decrease Red blood cells or fault in production of Red cells:

If body produces few blood cells or red blood cells don’t function properly it results in anemia. Red blood cells are faulty, or they get decrease due to abnormal red blood cells. Even if there is lack of mineral, vitamins etc. which help in working of red blood cells properly it results in anemia.

Anemia due to destruction of the red blood cells:

Red blood cells if are fragile, they are not able to withstand routine stress of circulatory system, such red blood cells rupture premature, which cause hemolytic anemia. Sometimes there is no known cause for this condition. It can be present at birth or develop at later stages.

Anemia is blood disorder which can cause disruption in normal life. Since organs don’t get adequate oxygen for their working it affects the functioning. Other common symptom is fatigue, person feels very tired.

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