Are You Addicted to Tea?

Are You Addicted to Tea?

Would you like to have a cup of tea? If the answer is yes then you must read this. Some of us start our day with a hot cup of tea, so we owe to know what the benefits of it are. Tea is an institute in its own self. With millions of cups being sipped each morning it’s not just about getting a kick of caffeine but there are whole lot of health benefits in that one cup.

A huge number of researchers having been studying the health benefits of this bubbling brew and to our surprise, this power packed drink is beneficial in many serious health conditions which include obesity, dehydration and cancer. Study shows that drinking 3 to 4 cups of water can be replaced with the same amount of tea even helps in rehydrating. Want to improve memory power, drinking green tea can help boost memory cells and also helps in weight loss, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Heavy research shows that tea can help in preventing certain cancer, study is still on but, some of the study shows that people drinking 4 or more cups of tea a day are less prone to mouth, prostrate and breast cancer. As tea is less fattening and speeds up the process of fat burning it can be a great substitute for sugary drinks.

Healthy green tea cup with tea leaves

Flavonoids found in tea can reduce the risk of disease of heart by improving the flow of blood and reducing the possibility of clots in the arteries. The fluoride in that one cup of tea can help protect teeth from decaying and strengthen the gums, so starting sipping. The Chinese tea know as wu long is the best slimming tea which helps burn fat faster and better and tastes better then green tea. wu long helps to improve the immune system and the sweet taste makes it more welcoming. Green tea has its own benefits but in a bitter taste, strengthening bones to prevent from arthritis, improves the functioning of liver.

One bubbling cup can give you end number of health benefits and at the same time the refreshment you need to go through the day and sometimes at night, if you are working. So go ahead and sip as much as u can and try all the different varieties available, maybe then you can choose the one which suits you the best from the lot.

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