Battle Against Breast Cancer

Battle Against Breast Cancer

If someone close to your heart has been suffering from breast cancer, it’s necessary to understand some essentials about how and what causes breast cancer. Prior to talking about breast cancer it is vital to be aware of the structure of a breast.

Normally breast comprises of glands producing milk which are connected to the skin surface where nipple is located. Connective tissues support these ducts and glands. Channels connecting to lymph nodes, nerves and blood vessels make for remaining breast tissue.

Like in all types of cancer, the faulty tissue which leads to breast cancer belongs to the patient’s cells which have multiplied hysterically. They also travel to regions in your body where these cells are not required. Breast cancer starts with the development of an undersized, restrained tumor or lump, or on deposition of calcium and later spreads through lymph nodes to rest of the organs.

Few tumors are benign (non cancerous). There is only one safe way out in differentiating between a benign tumor and cancer and that is to get the tissue sample tested by a doctor. There are no symptoms in early stages of cancer. On development of cancer, following signs can be noted:

  • A swelling in the breast or under the arms which remains after the menstrual cycle; this is often the initial symptom of breast cancer, such lumps do not pain, while some may lead to prickly sensation. Lumps can be detected on a mammogram even  before they are visible
  • Pain or softness in the breast
  • An obvious flattening or groove on the breast, which may be indicative of a tumor which cannot be felt.
  • An alteration in the shape of nipple, itching sensation or abnormal discharge which may be clear of bloody can be indicative of breast cancer.

Local or systemic treatment can be given to patients suffering from breast cancer. Local treatments include removal, destruction or controlling the affected cells in a particular area like in breast. They comprise of:

Breast conserving treatments which include surgeries like lumpectomy or mastectomy. Radiation therapy can be given. For destruction or controlling cancer cells through out the body, systemic treatments can be used.

Drugs are used to kill cancer cells which are termed as chemotherapy. However one drawback of implementing this treatment is that the drugs used in chemotherapy target the normal cells of our body along with affected cells which leads to destruction of normal cells.

Herceptin can be used as biological therapy which uses the immune system in destroying the cancerous cells. A patient can opt for single or multiple treatments for breast cancer depending on the intensity of the cancer. Also the risks and action of each treatment should be discussed with the doctor.

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  1. Tim says:

    Be aware that doctors are forbidden by the Cancer Act of 1939 (in the UK), to tell women about treatments which work. They are only allowed to speak about radiation,chemotherapy, and surgery. The first two are inherently carcinogenic, and as for the third, well, nobody wants to be mutilated.

    BC kills women not via the growth itself, in the breast, but by spreading to other organs and areas of the body. Vitamin D at 5000-10,000 iu/day, ( the amount you could get by exposing yourself to the mid-day sun for half an hour or so )reduces the amount of this metastasis by 800%, so it is the substance which must be initiated immediately on diagnosis. Incidentally, mammography itself is also carcinogenic; there is no such thing as a safe dose of radiation.

    You must follow this initial step by starting to consume a big spoonful of turmeric every day at least; this is one of the standard Indian curry spices. The MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Texas has very recently completed studies on curcumin, which is the active ingredient, and they are extremely excited about its effects in the epigenetic control of cancer. In addition, the isomer of vitamin E known as tocotrienol gamma is highly efficacious against cancers of all kinds. This is easily and inexpensively obtained through the internet. To the basic protocol must be added a complete cessation of sugary foods, which cancers require in order to grow. In addition, greatly increased intakes of fruit and vegetables, especially from the cabbage family, are also recommended. This will make the body more alkaline, cancers require an acidic environment if they are to thrive, so this step will inhibit the neoplasm from establishing itself.

    Cancer is by no means the terminal diagnosis that many women fear, unless one is foolish enough to place oneself in the hands of a medical industry which is both biochemically inept, and in the Dark Ages in respect of the basic science, and also corrupt to its core; it sees you as someone from whom it can profit, not as someone it should be curing.

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