Best Ways to Beat Stress

Best Ways to Beat Stress

We all go through many ups and downs of life and there are unavoidable situations having a great amount of negative impact on our minds. The imperfections of every day life as well as the burden to fulfill dreams add a lot of stress to our mind. Some circumstances and problems can be helped and dealt with but all the stress cannot be eliminated completely from our lives. But you can improve yourself in managing stress.

If you belong to the millions of people who are stressed and clueless about how to tackle their problem, here are few strategies to help you manage stress and lead a happy life.

  • Be optimistic in life. Negative approach will only drag you down.
  • Accept the fact that you cannot have power over every situation.

Stress Management

Instead of being aggressive, try to be assertive. ”Affirm” your feelings and beliefs rather than becoming furious or passive about it.

  • Incorporate activities that relax your mind and body.

Exercise on a regular basis. You can combat stress better when your body is fit. Getting in to physical activities helps in dealing with stress. Leave behind your stress on the treadmill and release it from the body. Leading an active lifestyle during winters lifts your mood and lessens stress.

Eat healthy, nutritious food. Set few rules while eating like sit while eating, avoid eating after 9, talk less while eating etc. But at the same time do not restrain yourself from enjoying food of your choice. Eat small portions of your favorite food items and relish every mouthful.

Get ample of sleep and rest. You need time to make progress from stressful situations. Avoid depending on drugs or alcohol to lessen stress.

Take social support. Meeting friends and talking to them about your problems always helps in releasing your stress.

  • Time should be managed effectively.

Maintain your diary. Self-monitoring your daily routine and the chores is the best way to aware of your behavioral patterns.

Make a list of motivational quotes that inspires you and makes your resolution strong.

Taking brisk walks in morning sun can enhance your mood and health.

Stress is inevitable but brooding over your problems never makes it better. It is in your hand to improve your life in stressful conditions as well. Making some changes in your lifestyle can help you manage stress better and live happily.

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  1. Danielle Soe says:


    I enjoyed reading your article on best ways to beat stress. I agree that regular exercise as well as eating healthy food will reduce the stress in our bodies. I also think that regular meditation at the end or at the beginning of the day helps our body re-balance. Taking brisk walks is also a great tip, especially for office people like myself who are chained to their desks!! If does make a difference when you take a break during lunch, and just have a stroll to get away from all the stress and its surroundings
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