Breathe Free, Break Free

Breathe Free, Break Free

Breathing becomes difficult for over 34millions inAmerica. And the route cause of this is Asthma. It is believed that if the people are medicated the correct way with medicines, they won’t face any problem.

Symptoms of asthma may vary from coughing, stiffness of chest to suffocation. Asthma is also termed as �bronchial asthma’ .Its a sad state to find out that Asthma in children has become very common but with right treatment to reduce the severity of the symptoms, these kids as well as adults can live a healthy life.

It is essential to manage asthma on a day to day basis in order to breathe sound, remain active and keep symptoms of asthma under control. Implementing effective diet plan and exercise goes a long way in controlling symptoms of asthma.

There is hardly any special diet for asthma. Beverages containing caffeine gives a considerable level of bronchodilation for couple of hours but making use of a rescue inhaler proves to be more effective for relieving asthma symptoms temporarily.

However, a proper diet is an essential part of the asthma treatment plan on the whole. Exactly like exercise, a proper diet is important for everyone. This implies for people suffering from asthma. Obesity is related with severe asthma.

Stress might not be the cause of the ailment but stress certainly has a link with asthma. It becomes more difficult to control asthma in stressful conditions. In order to reduce symptoms of asthma, it becomes a necessity to learn to cope with stress. It’s important to prioritize your daily work so ample time can be allotted to complete it without leaving you pressured and weighed down.

Increasing stress leads to high levels of anxiety and symptoms of asthma. As conditions like coughing and panting becomes severe, anxiety levels raise high and asthma symptoms get worst. This way anxiety and asthma makes for a ferocious cycle. Help from professional counselors can be taken and different ways to control anxiety should be implemented in your day to day life.

The combination of asthma and smoking can prove to be fatal. One should realize that quitting smoking is the most important step to be taken when suffering from asthma so as to protect your lungs and avoid symptoms of asthma.

Not including vegetables and fruits in your diet and completely relying on processed food can increase the risk of developing asthma. People eating diets rich in Vitamin C, flavonoids, beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids are at lower risk of asthma. Consuming nutritious diet can help a great deal in making life easier with asthma.

There is always a way to improve your life and prevent symptoms of asthma. Learning about different factors affecting asthma is one step ahead in making your life better in spite of suffering from asthma.

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