Can I have a Good Night Sleep?

Can I have a Good Night Sleep?

Insomnia can be defined as a condition where a person has difficulties either falling to sleep or stay sleeping for a long time. However, insomnia is also associated with other medical conditions too. Lack of good night sleep may affect one’s ability to do daily chores and result in lack of concentration. A person suffering from insomnia most often think about getting a good night sleep, which in return affects his sleep. The more the person thinks about sleeping, the more difficult it gets for the person to fall asleep.

Some of the most common causes of insomnia are changing bed timings frequently, taking frequent naps during the day, too much of noise or light in the sleeping area making it impossible to fall asleep, uncomfortable bedding, having trouble falling to sleep most of the times. Feeling tired and sleepy during the day, feeling sleepy even after getting up from sleep, no sound sleep, waking up too many times are some of the few and the most common symptoms of insomnia.

Some of the most easily available and effective medicines for insomnia are drinking alcohol or any other drug before sleeping, smoking heavily, taking in high amount of caffeine during late hours of the day, getting use to certain sleeping pill, taking help of homeopathic or ayurvedic medicines.

Symptoms of Insomnia

Bipolar, anxiety and thyroid disorders are some of the health disorders caused by insomnia. Depression, feeling sad, body pain and discomfort are some of the symptoms seen in insomnia cases.

To treat insomnia one has to go under certain physical tests which will help determine the problem in a better way. Doctor treating the patient for insomnia will undertake physical test and will ask a series of questions about the drug used and medical history.

It is not a compulsion or health problem if you don’t get 8 hours of good sleep. Sleeping habits change with every individual person. A person sleeping for 6 hours is fitter as compared to a person sleeping for 10 hours. It’s just fine to sleep for 6 hours if your body is happy with it, at the other end one cannot do without 10 hours of sleep. The counter sleeping pills like antihistamines and lower doses of antidepressant medicines are commonly used by people suffering from insomnia, but are known to cause memory problem in the long run. Instead changing lifestyle would be a better option.

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