Contraceptive Pills: The Ultimate Solution for Birth Control

Contraceptive Pills: The Ultimate Solution for Birth Control

Unwanted pregnancy can lead to problems as well as bring about many changes in your life. Birth control is a method for both women and men to avoid pregnancy. There are many different ways of birth control,one of which is hormonal contraception like “the pill”.

The pill can be taken orally and if taken correctly it is up to 99.9% efficient. However, these contraceptive pills fail to provide any protection against sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. The male condom made from latex ensures good protection from the majority of STDs. Other hormonal contraception combining progestin and estrogen include the vaginal ring and the patch.


All the hormonal contraceptives have small quantity of hormones like progestin and estrogen which are found in males. Such hormones act to suppress the cycle of natural hormones in order to avert pregnancy. A mixture of many factors leads to the prevention of pregnancy. Hormonal contraceptive stops the process of ovulation in our body.They also bring changes in our cervical mucus which complicates the union of the sperm and an egg.

The use of extended-cycle pill is a new alternative for contraceptives. Seasonale is the first such hormonal contraceptive pill which was approved. It has the similar hormones present in other pills meant for birth control but these pills are taken over a period of time to cut down the number of annual menstrual cycles from 12 periods per year to just four periods. As a result, a woman menstruates only one time every season.

Seasonal pills are taken in small doses constantly for three months after which inactive pills are taken for a week. These pill causes menstruation.

Mini Pills

These pills have only a single hormone which is progestin. Unlike other pills, estrogen is absent in them. These pills are often prescribed for breastfeeding mothers or females experiencing vomiting sensation due to estrogen.

Mini pills acts by making the cervical mucus thick so the sperm finds it difficult to unite with the egg. The hormone that the pill contains brings about changes in the uterus lining, so the chances of implantation of an egg are very less.

Mini pills are 95% effective if used regularly and properly. However, they are less efficient as compared to the usual contraceptive pills.

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