Cosmetic Tattooing Covers Burn and Surgical Scars

Cosmetic Tattooing Covers Burn and Surgical Scars

May 21, 2012: Cosmetic tattooing can be really of great help to the burn victims and even those who want to cover their surgical scars. Well, the best instance of the advantages of cosmetic tattooing is the case of burn victim Basma Hammed.

Basma Hammed had a burn scar since her childhood and to cover it she turned to tattooing making herself look beautiful as well as help others facing similar issue. She is a medical cosmetic tattooist in Toronto. She says that she turned to the profession out of personal necessity after receiving disappointment from elsewhere for covering her scar.

Burn Victims Before and After Pictures

She reported that a pan of hot oil accidently fell on the left side of her face when was just two-year old in Iraq. She added that she went under multiple plastic surgeries including total of 100 procedures, but none of the surgeries could successfully cover a large red scar tissue patch or even create a natural looking eyebrow on her face. And one fine day, she just began creating an eyebrow permanently on her face by herself using the tattoo machine. She, then, realised that she can tattoo her face to cover the scar by matching the skin colour of the healthy tissue.

Finally, she went to aesthetician school to learn the art of cosmetics and skin care. Soon, she began working on her skin and achieved a tremendous success. And now-a-days, she runs her Basma Hameed Clinic and helps other burn victims along with breast cancer patients with areola reconstruction to cover their scars. She also helps people who wish to cover their surgical scars.

So, covering of the scars has really become easy now with the help of cosmetic tattooing. To witness great effect of cosmetic tattooing, watch Basma Hammed telling how miraculously medical tattooing removed scars from her life.

2 Responses to Cosmetic Tattooing Covers Burn and Surgical Scars

  1. Sushila says:

    This information about face surgery is very informative. All things is perfectly described. I also looking for a cosmetic surgeon. So please tell me what are the procedure and how much cost of it. I’m looking like a village girl & I want modern face, I want to change my face color and I also want blue eyes. Please reply soon.

  2. Dr. Numb says:

    Today cosmetic tattooing is growing fast. But before going for it just get the full information of the artist. Check out some before & after photographs. It possible try to contact the persons who goes through this process. Cosmetic tattooing involves a needle that penetrates the skin just like tattoo. But you have to go through tremendous pain during this process. But don’t worry about that, there are lots of produces in the market to reduce this pain Dr Numb cream ( is one of these produces that helps to reduce the pain in this process.

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