Diplopia – Double Vision Trouble

Diplopia – Double Vision Trouble

Medically known as diplopia, double vision is not only irritation but very difficult problem in daily life. Imagine how will your life be and how difficult your daily chores would be when everything you see is double.

The reason for one suffering from double vision is a disorder in the nerves which is responsible for stimulating the eye muscle. The brain merges the two images coming from two eyes into one. Diplopia when occurs only sometimes, there is no treatment emergency. If double vision occurs in linked with and blockage in the nervous system, it means it can be an emergency related to TIA or stroke.

Brains natural tendency is to fight against double vision, it does it by actually avoiding one of the eyes to form two vision which is medically know as suppression. When this happens, medical treatment not necessarily needed, but at the same time there can be a loss of vision in the eye which is ignored by the brain, it might be temporary, but in some cases it can be permanent and may need treatment. Diplopia can result in loss of depth perception, binocular vision and amblyopia.

Many of us relate amlyopia(double vision) and blurred vision to be one and the same, but the fact is that they are altogether different. Where a single vision is seen by one eye and is blur is blurred vision, where as two different images seen by two eyes but merged and creates irritating vision for the one who is suffering from the condition.

If the person suffering from double vision is with amblyopia, whether paralytic or congential and is young, his or hers brain avoids the vision from the deviating eye to avoid getting double vision. This may result in the loss of vision of the eye which is affected. Exercises can help in correcting the eye which is deviated. If detected and corrected at an early stage can result in prevention from amblyopia. When the patent is a child it is very difficult to detected the problem as they lack the ability to describe well. But there are some symptoms with which it can be guessed, squinting, covering one eye, tilting the head abnormally and looking frequently on the sideways.

Whereas, in adults it should be needed immediately as there might be possibilities of tumor, neurological defect, aneurysm which are serious problem connected to double vision. One the treatment is in progress, a series of tests will be conducted whether the person is suffering from cataract or other disorders of the nervous system. As the problem occurs in adults it is much easier to detect as the person knows what exactly the problem is.

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