Donate Blood – Be a Hero

The World Health Organisation, in partnership with countries throughout every region, organises various events and activities in order to celebrate the World Blood Donor Day. These events include huge concerts, soccer games and fixed and mobile blood donation camps at different locations. The theme is both inspiring and inviting, a simple idea – Every one of us can become a hero by simply donating blood. Real heroes are those who respond immediately to crisis situations, in every situation or inconvenience and consider other’s needs more important than their personal stuff.

In such events, people from all walks of live come forward to donate blood as voluntary donors. There’s no discrimination whatsoever like religion, background, region or age. These people offer their blood without expecting any money in return, thus getting that real-life hero status. An act of gesture for humanity, a real sign of gratitude to everyone who has helped him/her become what they are and give something back to humanity. There are some frequent blood donors who voluntarily offer blood several times over a decade.

Blood transfusion saves millions of lives and also improves health of many more needy people. There’s countless number of needy people who don’t have timely access to safe blood. Blood banks around the world collect, process and preserve blood and are instrumental in provision of this precious body fluid to ones who need them the most. Blood banks these days, by virtue of technology, are able to process and disintegrate blood into red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets. Doing this ensures that every component of the blood can be made available to the person who needs them.

The need for blood transfusion might arise at given point of time anywhere in the world. It is therefore important that there is ample collection of blood that can be served to any needy person in this world. Unavailability of blood has lead to countless deaths over the past years. This could easily have been averted had there been enough access and availability of blood to these people. As per the latest WHO statistic, nearly 92 million units of blood are collected annually across the globe. Imagine the number of lives saved and the exponentially bigger number of smiles across their families and friends. Isn’t it a heroic feeling?A regular, safe and reliable supply of blood can only be ensured by an increasing number or a stable base of regular blood donors, to say the least. Unpaid blood donors are also amongst the safest group of people for blood donation/transfusion. There’s little chance of blood borne diseases amongst these donors.

This major campaign of Blood Donation Day on 14th of June every year can also been as recognition for all those unsung heroes who have done their bit for the mankind and humanity. This recognition also ensures their continued and persistent participation on every such occasion. Be encouraged, be grateful and be kind enough to donate something that might save a live and bring smiles to the faces of many. Please do your bit – Donate Blood, Save Lives and Be a Hero.

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