Don’t Ignore These Body Signs

Don’t Ignore These Body Signs

Our body is like machine. Machine gives us a sign when it doesn’t function properly. Like there are fumes, smell, or disrupting noise etc. same alike machine our body too gives us signs indicating towards health related problems in your body. And you must heed to these warnings so that there can be quick decisions taken regarding what is to be done.

But most important is when the signs given by body are common ailments. People at times do not pay attention or pay too much attention. Both things can be harmful. When you don’t pay attention, it might make diagnose of disease when it becomes worst or when too much attention people end up becoming panic. Such people think they have some dreaded disease and end up searching on internet where the results are ten different health problems one severe than another.

Listing down below are few such symptoms and advice from experts: for women

Rebound Headaches

Rebound Headaches: Headache most of time is caused by stress and when person is not able to get proper rest and when his energy levels are low. These headaches go away quick. But the rebound headaches just refuse to go. Rebound headaches keep coming back, even though you have popped pain killers. In this case don’t blame headache but the real reason behind is pills. Over usage of the pain killers or medications makes one’s body resistant to the effects, and people take stronger doses of the medications. This desensitizes body and triggers another rebound headache again.

Expert’s Advice: Avoid painkillers as much as you can. This will help in breaking vicious circle of rebound headache. Don’t take painkillers for more than two consecutive days and still if the symptom is persisting then consulting a doctor is essential.


Bloating: though your periods are not expected and still you get feel bloated. Well its not your body mistake that it is making you feel so. Well its your drinking pattern or habit who is to be blamed. First Alcohol is liquid but it dehydrates the body, drinking as much as two glasses is also risky. And if you drinking too much, then kidneys of your body panic and start instead conserving water which leads to water retention and bloating. Also same thing apply if you drink excessive tea and coffee. Also having foods which are excess in salt makes more water retention in body.

Expert’s Advice: drink water- every two hour one glass of water. This helps kidneys to function regularly. Avoid foods which are sodium rich and salty like the processes foods, like chips etc. as these foods will cause to hold water for long. The bloating will subside in two days.

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