Drugs For Asthma Has Links With Slight Risks In Rare Defects At Time Of Birth

Drugs For Asthma Has Links With Slight Risks In Rare Defects At Time Of Birth

January 20, 2012: New research has given assuring news regarding asthma and pregnant women. It has shown that treating asthma when women are pregnant is not likely to create any risk for baby in having any major defects in their birth. However there is small chance of increase in risk for some rare defects at birth which has been seen in women who had asthma medication in the month before they had conceived through third month in their pregnancy.

Also the researchers have reported their doubt as to the risks of defects was due to medications of asthma or the severe asthma which has led to rare defects in babies.

  • Rare defects at birth observed include:
  • Esophageal atresia which is incomplete developments of the esophagus
  • Anorectal atresia that is blocked or missing of the opening of anus
  • Omphalacele that is belly button the intestine or other organs sticking out of it.

The birth defects mentioned above are very rare cases. The asthma drugs for example bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory drugs which has steroids when consumed at time of conception and also when the first trimester is going, there is slight increase in risks of these extreme rare birth defects. Also the researchers think that birth defects could be because of the asthma condition itself and not cause of its treatments. The study has been published in the Pediatrics. Data in study was taken from National Birth Defects Prevention Study which included infants data of 2853 children, who has one or more birth defects and the 6726 infants data without any defects at birth, so that a connection can be made between risks of defects and asthma drugs.

Adding further to the topic, treatment of asthma is also important. Study conducted had shown that some twelve percent of pregnant women have condition of asthma. The new research should rather be assuring and not alarming for such women. Doctors have advised that women who have asthma should not stop taking the treating drugs, if you know you are pregnant. Study has shown that asthma condition affects pregnancy differently each, some women get better, some women get worse and some stay same.no study can ever predict the reaction. Ideal thing to do is talk to your doctor when you have decided upon getting pregnant to make sure that the asthma is well controlled.

Natalie Meirowitz a MD, says that Stopping intake of medications can lead to worsening of disease and can cause great risk for mother as well as baby. Also she said that its really unknown whether its asthma drugs or disease itself which is causing the slight increase in risk of defects at birth. The cause can be underlying asthma as well. She is doctor at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in the New Hyde Park, in city of New York, expert and chief of maternal fetal medicine. 

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