Effects of Abortion on Women

Effects of Abortion on Women

Medical term for terminating one’s pregnancy is called Abortion. Killing a child is also one form of expression for it. It has been a topic of debate for long: Abortion. The condition under which the abortion has been performed is what impacts the effects of abortion on women. In medical journals, blogs, studies and researches have shown that women experience negative effects after undergoing an abortion. Effects of abortion on women are of physiological and psychological effects.

Physical effects of Abortion on women:

The very first negative effect most of women who have undergone abortion that is pregnancy not carried on for full term is negative outcomes in next pregnancy which they carry full term. This indicates that abortion of an unwanted child can put risk of something going wrong when that woman actually wants to deliver a child. The first birth then gets associated with risks and adverse outcomes. More often there is birth of premature child which is life threatening to child, devastating experience for parents. Abortion leads to many other undeniable risk factors.

Abortion increases Breast Cancer Risks:

In recent studies, it has been found that abortion leads to risk of developing breast cancer. When a woman is pregnant, her body undergoes through many hormonal changes. These hormonal changes to breasts puts the women willingly vulnerability for breast cancer. Premature birth thirty two weeks gestation increases risk of breast cancer.

Abortion leading to emotional distress:

Emotional distress and psychological problems related to abortion depends on reasons behind the choice of termination of pregnancy. Pregnancy is known to be beautiful time in woman’s life. Pregnancy is a time when women experience many hormonal changes which also affect the psychological state of women. When a woman undergoes an abortion the hormonal changes and cycles have already set in the body. Mood swings is a common thing noticed. When a woman opts for abortion, psychologically body was preparing for a child. This discrepancy results in negative feelings and emotional distress in woman. Woman who thinks that by abortion she has killed the child is definitely going to be under depression and mental trauma. It is not necessary that woman feel distress immediately after abortion is done. In many cases a woman who is now pregnant again too feels emotional distress regarding the first unborn child. If the abortion has been done in second trimester then the psychological distress increases many folds. The woman gets emotionally attached to the baby.

Abortion leading to substance Abuse:

Abortion at times produces guilt and definitely emotional distress. Research shows women post abortion leading to substance abuse. Doing drugs, alcohol etc. is common. This has effects on the women’s physical as well as mental health and on the society. Substance abuse is harmful for future pregnancy also.

The question arises then why do we have Abortion as a legal protected procedure. The answer is because sometimes the pregnancy can be risk to woman’s health. At that time it is vital for saving the life of woman. It has been noticed that those parents who already have children and don’t want another due to personal reasons and are sure about terminating pregnancy they experience no emotional distress. But the physical risks are still there.

Awareness and education is keys to avoid the abortion completely. Before a woman signs up for abortion she should be made aware of the repercussions of the abortion. Education and awareness of the contraception methods is also necessary. Abortion centers should conduct a session with shrink before woman goes through and after the abortion. Give women chance to re think. Tell them about the physical problems and how at risk she puts her health to. This will make them re-think and may be you don’t need to kill the baby.

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