Simple Exercise Tips While at Work

Simple Exercise Tips While at Work

Most of use would agree that in the existing lifestyle scenario, maintaining fitness levels is very difficult. Most of us are successfully able to come up with excuses and skip our exercise schedule. We need to take out time for our fitness or find alternatives and make sure that our fitness is not compromised even while we keep ourselves busy. We therefore, need to explore options wherein we can keep a check on ourselves, stay fit and live healthy. Some of the basic and simpler things to do would be taking stairs instead of elevators and escalators, simple and effective exercises that we’re able to do right at our desks and a few other initiatives.

Stretching Exercises

There can be stiffness in muscles at work while continuously staring at your monitor in a single posture. Simple and subtle stretching exercises can do wonders to your body if done on a regular basis. These exercises need not be too extravagant and can be accomplished within 30-40 seconds if done periodically through the day. For stiff and aching neck, you can tilt your neck slowly on each side up to your shoulders and repeat the exercise while taking care that you do it subtly without injuring it.

For your upper back, you can pull your arm across your chest and feel relaxed. For your lower back, you can push your chair back and lean on your desk to give it a nice stretch bending forward. You can stretch your legs and tighten your hamstring for a better feel and loosening of your leg muscles.

Abs and Lower Body

For your hips, you can sit tall and lift a foot, bent at knee and hold for about 15 seconds and repeat 5 times switching to the other foot with similar repetitions. You can do leg raises while sitting at your chair, extend your legs and experience maximum comfort by repeating the exercise 12-15 times.

Ab exercises can be very simple and be done by sitting on your chair. You need to bend towards left and hold for 4 seconds and then slowly come back to your normal sitting posture. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times on both the sides. For front ab exercises, you need to bend forward slowly, hold for 4 seconds and come back to your sitting posture. You need to repeat this 15-20 times. While working on your abs, be sure to exhale while bending and inhale while you slowly get back to sitting posture.

Simple squat exercises can be done without too much of exertion and also in sitting position by hovering over your chair in sitting position and repeating the same about 12 times.

Quick Tips

  • You can prefer to walk for shorter distances than choosing transportation.
  • Take a brisk walk after your lunch during the lunch break.
  • Important for ladies to practice Kegel’s
  • Climb stairs and at a good pace
  • Move around every hour for 2-3 minutes to keep the muscles relaxed and worked out.
  • Talk while you walk – phone calls are an opportunity to get a break and walk around while on calls.

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