F.D.A. Advisory Panel Recommends Approval of Simple H.I.V. Home Test

F.D.A. Advisory Panel Recommends Approval of Simple H.I.V. Home Test

May 16, 2012: Giving themselves a simple and rapid test for the Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causing AIDS may soon be possible for Americans, as a panel of the experts recommended the approval of the first rapid test for HIV on Tuesday.

The advisory panel included 17 members of the Food and Drug Administration. In a unanimous vote, the advisory panel of experts decided that the OraQuick H.I.V. test’s advantages overshadow the potential risk of HIV for consumers. The test returns result in 20 minutes using a mouth swab. However, the test result does not appear to be accurate like professionally administered diagnostics. This year, the Food and Drug Administration will take a stand on whether to approve the product or not.

HIV Test Kit

A version of OraQuick has already been sold to doctors by a Bethlehem based company OraSure in Pennsylvania since 2004. According to a trial conducted by OraSure, the home test detected the HIV in 93 percent people carrying the virus.

Although government has already approved some other home tests for HIV, the tests require blood sample and they need to be compulsorily sent to a laboratory. With its benefits and good response from the trial conducted by the company, it seems that the OraQuick H.I.V. test may also get approved by the end of this year.

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