From Fat to Fit

From Fat to Fit

Thought of hitting the gym for an hour on regular basis? If you think that by doing so you would be fit and healthy you might be wrong. Just by going to the gym, fitness studio, fitness DVDs won’t change anything; you need to change your eating habit and your daily lifestyle.

When you eat a certain amount of food, all of it is not stored as fat, as study shows that 30% of calories taken is actually used by your body to digest the food you ate, and the rest 70% is used by our body when the metabolic  rate is high, which means by doing daily chores or by exercise.fat starts to accumulate only ones it’s taken in excess, it means when your intake is more then what your body actually requires the fat which is left over starts to accumulate, which in turn makes you look fat. So that’s exactly what u have to stop doing, overeating.

Healthy Diet Plan

Now the question is how not to do overeating? First and the fore most make up your mind as to what is good for your body. Start 45 minutes of brisk walking and turn it into a daily habit, by doing so you will feel light and in good mind frame, which will indeed keep you alert while choosing your meal for the day. Starting your day with a good protein rich breakfast will stop overeating the rest of the day, as protein will keep u fuller for long hours. Study shows that people who include more proteins in their diet tend to lose more weight, then people who include other food. Another study shows that by drinking green tea you end up eating less than usual as it fills up your stomach with fluid keeping you off from food. When taken thrice a day along with meals it even increases ones metabolic rate and helps burn more calories and eat less.

New study suggests that by including hot seasoning like pepper, chilies will help suppress hunger and increase metabolic rate, resulting in burning more calories. So start adding those super hot peppers in salad and soups. Avoiding veggies with starch (potatoes, peas, corn) and replace them with spinach, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower which are high in water and fiber and filling you up for lesser calories. The less the better, choosing good food will keep you fit as well as healthy, wealthy and wise. Start healthy, stay fit and eat smart.

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