Feed The Wrinkles & Look More Younger

Feed The Wrinkles & Look More Younger

Ageing is not only addition of numbers but it is the compilation of many years of experiences, maturation and memories. It is about knowing life better than many and one must take pride in that rather than hiding it With a little care and changes in our life style you can fight the process of aging and enjoy it more.

Signs of ageing comprises of graying of hair, wrinkles, memory loss, cancer , onset of chronic diseases related to heart, osteoporosis. Aging healthy means leading a healthy life and healthy life can be attained by means of healthy diet.

Implementing a fit lifestyle that consists of regular exercise, ample rest, keeping way from tobacco and a diet rich in healthy foods and drinks can be an ultimate protection against aging.

“Dietary choices are critical to delay the onset of aging and age-related diseases, and the sooner you start, the greater the benefit,” says Susan Moores, RD, a spokesman for the American Dietetic Association.

Various foods and juices have strong substances like phytonutrients that are capable ingredient for longevity. Phytonutrients, belong to the family of antioxidants, gorge on “free radicals” molecules of oxygen playing an important role in the arrival of ailments like heart disorders, cancer and bone related diseases.

Aging leads to prolonged exposure to oxidative stress (presence of excessive radicals in the body) and inflammation. Besides antioxidants few other substances in foods have the potential to fight aging.

Hormonal imbalance, stress, exposure to ultraviolet radiations and weak immune response stimulates the process of aging. Still, choosing healthy lifestyle is in your control and one of the excellent things one can practice to avoid diseases and delay aging.

Different types of healthy foods can do the work of combating age related disorders.

  • Vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants. Having 5 servings of colorful vegetables and fruits each day gives utmost benefits.
  • Soluble fiber present in whole grains lowers the levels of blood cholesterol and have amount of phytonutrients equivalent to a fruit.
  • Among dairy products, Yogurt is beneficial. It possesses probiotics containing healthy bacteria. These bacteria are good for your digestive system.
  • Vitamin rich nuts works best for your heart. They help in maintaining the structure of skin. Small portions of nuts are advised daily.
  • Hydrating the skin and body organs by drinking 4-5 glasses of water is essential along with other juices.

Along with eating healthy food, avoiding stress and maintaining mental stability plays an important role in fighting the signs of aging.

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