Fiber for Losing Weight

Fiber for Losing Weight

Eating food rich in fiber like yogurt, breakfast bars, and soy milk may not help you lose weight. You need to know what right fiber you must consume which will help you lose weight.

Study has been published in Journal of Academy of Nutrition which has found that breakfast bars which has assed fibers don’t decrease hunger, food carving or in between consumption of food throughout day. However a team with same organization had found that oatmeal as well as fruit are more filling than any beverage with same amount of fiber.

Losing weight naturally

Why fiber helps in losing weight?

Fiber takes space in stomach thus filing your stomach for longer duration. Foods such as veggies, fruits, nuts and whole grains keep full and help in prevention of over eating. Also fibers enrich food lower body’s absorption of calories from the carbs. A study found that women who increase daily intake from twelve grams to twenty four grams absorb fewer calories per day as compared to those who ate same amount of food but have less fiber in it.

Comparison between Natural Fibers v/s Added Fiber

Our body perceives added fiber differently than the natural fiber. For example the whole foods needs more chewing and require more gut processing. Both of this makes you feel fuller.

How to identify foods that have added fiber?

Check out list of the ingredients, if it has oat, barley, cellulose, gums, soluble corn fiber, agave, bran, pectin, inulin, fruit extracts, and polydextrose to start. You must rely on the fiber values which are listed in nutrient facts in food items.

Foods with Fiber

To make your food fiber rich you must take daily allowance of 25 grams which you can get from:

Whole grains: fiber which comes from bran that is outer layer of grain is best for curbing hunger. Start your day with healthiest cereals. Check as it must have 5 grams of fiber per serving. White pasta should be replaced with whole wheat and the white rice with brown.

Beans and Legumes: best for tummy, chickpeas, black beans and lentils which you can add into soups. Beans and legumes are also the powerhouse of protein.

Veggies: salads which has spinach, veggies like corn , avocado, artichoke hearts, will get you halfway through the fiber goal.

Nuts: Nuts are best for fiber. Eat nuts in between meals.

Fruits: Fruits are best and tasty which you can have with meal and in between meals. Its best for fiber as well as many other vital nutrients.

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