Fight Diabetes and Obesity with Exercise

Fight Diabetes and Obesity with Exercise

A shocking new study suggests that a hormone released in body in response to the exercise might be helping to turn white fat of the body to brown fat, and might even be helping to fight diabetes, obesity and other health issues. This new study reveals that how could exercise help the body at keep health in control.

Human and mouse muscle cells were used by the researchers for the new study. Scientists have believed for a while that the muscles cells in the body influence other things in the body then themselves. To be more precise they influence the fat in the body.

But how does this actually work, how the muscles actually communicate with the body fat has been a mystery, until now, the new study shows that a substance known as PGC1-alpha which is produced in the body in large number during and after the exercise.

The scientists think that it is the same substance, PGC1-alpha which might be responsible for the benefits because of exercise. The result from the study shows the mice actually produce PGC1-alpha in abundance keep them at from age related health problems as much as a human exercising regularly.

It is unknown what PGC1-alpha does to benefit the body. With the new research, scientist have found out a protein called Fndc5 is boosted as much as PCG1-alpha,but it is still a mystery what the new protein actually does.


The mystery was revealed by a team of researchers from Harvard that the protein actually breaks up into pieces, out of which one is an unknown hormone which has never been identified before. After the research this unidentified protein was named after goddess from Greek mythology called iris. Unlike most of the substances born in muscles, it just doesn’t stay there but enters the blood and communicated to the fat, the stubborn fat around the organs and converts it into brown fat.

As many of us know that the brown fat is desired in the body as it uses oxygen and are active metabolically and burns calories, while the white cell stores itself and piles up fat into the body. Most of us thought that the brown fat, after being an adult was lost. But the truth is that we still have brown fat, just the amount differs from one person to other. It might be Irisin that is responsible for the amount of brown fat in each one of us.

A study done where a sample of white fat taken from a mouse was injected with Irisin, resulted in actually turning the white fat into brown and was actually burning more calories. The Irisin injected helped them to stay away from diabetes.

After all the studies, the most important result was Irisin being actually involved with weight loss pr improved health by exercising. The Irisin has a great impact on the metabolic rate of the body, but the effect on the brain and the heart is unknown.

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    There is many benefits of exercising and this one is just one more to exercise!
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