Fighting Depression

Fighting Depression

Do you feel low more than often? Do you experience unexpected mood swings? Are you depressed and clueless about how to come over it?? No problem exits without a solution and this problem too can be addressed. Gain more knowledge of this frequent mood disorder as well as its symptoms and prevention. This will help you manage your depression and lead a healthy and happy life style.

How do you know??

There are times in our lives when all of us feel lonely and let down because of different reasons. And feeling that way is a usual response to the hardships of life, to defeat or low confidence. But when such emotions try to occupy the better of you and last longer, they can hamper your normal life. That’s the time to look after it and take medical help before it is too late. To recognize the symptoms is the biggest obstacle to treating this illness. Regrettably majority of the people experiencing depression remain untreated and this can have grave consequences.

Depression Symptoms

Symptoms of depression can consist the following:

  • Lack of focus, memory, and poor decision making
  • exhaustion and low energy
  • feelings of shame, insignificance, helplessness
  • insomnia, or sleeping excessively
  • irritability, impatience
  • lack  of interest in daily chores and hobbies previously enjoyable including sex
  • loss of appetite or eating excessively
  • constant  headaches and  cramps, or gastro-intestinal  problems which do not improve even after  treatment
  • Constant feeling of sadness and apprehensions.
  • Attempts or thoughts of suicide.

Alarming signs of depression with suicide include:

  • An abrupt switch from feeling low to feeling very calm or happy.
  • Constantly talking of death.
  • Depression getting worse.
  • Expressing “death wish”.

Prevention is always better than cure:

Although depression is a condition that can be treated, some types of depression cannot be prevented. This happens because depression can be triggered as a result of chemical breakdown in the brain. However, recent studies state that depression can be alleviated or prevented by implementing healthy habits of eating.

Appropriate diet and exercise, good relaxation, not working excessively, and allotting time carry out enjoyable activities can work in preventing depression.

How to get rid?

Once diagnosed with depression, different treatments options can be given depending on the nature of depression a person is facing. Few patients are given psychotherapy while others are prescribed antidepressants (These are drugs which help in lifting mood and ease the feeling of grief. The patients not responding to normal treatment options are made to undergo electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) or electroshock therapy. However the patient’s co-operation and trust helps the doctor a great deal in treating him/her.

Having said that – it is important to remember that nothing is eternal. Time has the power to heal One must have an optimistic approach towards life .Some patience is all it takes to await all the wonderful surprises life has in store for us.

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