Hair Serum for Beautiful and Trendy Hair

Hair Serum for Beautiful and Trendy Hair

Hair style makes you look trendy, chic and fashionable. Cosmetic fix for hair results in weakening of hair in long run. The Hair Serum is boon for people who just love to style their hair. Hair serum is effective in restoring the strength of hairs and also gives a shine.

How to Apply Hair Serum

Hair serum can be applied on wet hair. The Hair should be just wet and water shouldn’t be dripping from hair. Best to apply after a clean hair wash. You need to cover all your hair with the small amount of hair serum. Use after shampoo and then towel dry hair. Take a dollop size of hair serum on your palm, and then spread it and run along your hair stands. Important thing is not to apply in the scalp. This product is for application on surface. You can style your hair accordingly after.

Hair serum products

Hair Serum provides protection:

Hair serum spreads evenly and coats to hair. This protects the hair from the harmful effects of the styling tools that are used. With usage of Hair serum, you can use the hair dryer for quick easy drying. Hair serum have been used you can happily straighten or do perming in your hair and there is no risk of damage to hair.

How does hair Serum works?

Hair Serums have silicon contents which fills follicular cracks of the hair cells. This helps hair to look smooth and glossy. Hair serum coats to all strands of hair uniformly which is able to give hair smooth and also lessen the frizz. Hair Serum also have UV protection and is line sunblock for the hair as it protects the follicular growth from harsh sun rays.

Choose right type of Hair Serum

First you need to know your hair type and accordingly you have to select the right type of serum for your hair. This is very important. Most of the standard serums are work for the thick hair with normal follicle thickness. However if you are having thin hair, or scalp which is oily then leave in serums will weigh hair down so you must use leave- in conditioner to smoothen your locks and not make it oily. Many salons provide treatments for frizz hair, and for thin hair etc which have hair serum contents in it.

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