Handle the ‘Mane’ problem

Handle the ‘Mane’ problem

The best kept secret for good, healthy, shiny hair is not any exotic potion or unique conditioner from a Hollywood salon. It will take you by surprise to know that the secrete lies in a balanced nutritious diet which contains the right amount of protein, Iron and rest of the nutrients that help improving the health, texture and look of the hair.

Doctors describe healthy hair as hair growing properly from every follicle, not easy to break and attached to healthy scalp. For a patient healthy hair is the hair that is long and full. It is shiny, bouncy and manageable. A well balanced diet can help in providing all the nutrients required by your mane to meet the needs of both a doctor and the patient.

Angelina Jolie Mane Hair

Your hair needs the same kind of diet which provides the minerals, vitamins and all the other nutrients needed for maintaining good health of your entire body. But if it is your hair in question, all the nutrients do not remain equal, particularly proteins.

The main composition of your hair is proteins which imply that proteins are required by the hair for its growth.90% of hair remains in the growing phase for about 2-3years after which it enters the resting phase for around 3months followed by shedding and replacement of new hair. If the intake of protein is not enough, inconsistent number of strands enters the resting phase. If abnormally big number of hairs go into the resting phase all at once loss of hair can become obvious.

Proteins may not be the only nutrient required for maintenance of healthy hair. Iron, Vitamin E and other minerals like copper, selenium and magnesium are needed in small quantity in order to keep your tresses in healthy state.

Quick weight loss from a restraining diet can lead to severe hair loss. The physiological stress associated to weight loss also adds to the hair loss. It is very important to provide proper nourishment to your scalp along with shedding those extra pounds.

Great amount of stress has adverse effects on your hair growth. Therefore along with balanced diet, inculcating activities in your daily routine in order to fight stress is equally important in keeping your hair healthy.

The secret behind healthy hair lies in having a balanced diet which includes all the nutrients in adequate quantity and leading a stress free life.

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