High School Junior invents Brain which diagnose Breast Cancer

High School Junior invents Brain which diagnose Breast Cancer

Brittany Wenger is seventeen year old living in Sarasota Fla, who has invented a computer based app which can diagnose breast cancer with ninety-nine percent sensitivity. Computer brain that is based on the working of artificial neural networking is computer program that has been made in such a way as the brain cells connecting with one another. For this invention she has won the grand prize of the Google Science Fair which was held in Palo Alto on 23rd July 2012.

The artificial neural network works on principle of “learning” that is analyzing examples given and learn what is to be done. Such brains work better when more examples are given. More examples help the artificial neural network to detect patterns in the data, which for human brains are complex to analyze.

Brain Winner

Wenger wanted to work on Breast Cancer detection because it has least invasive diagnostic tests which are not certain one. For boosting less invasive test for breast cancer, she gave several examples to artificial neural networks in form of available data of the fine needle aspirate tests of the breast cancer patients. The computer brain or the computer app analyzed data and was able to learn to diagnose the breast cancer. She has programmed one neural network with Java language. When she tested the network with examples of 681 fine needle aspirate test sample, the program she made gave correct diagnose in the 94 percent cases and was able to correctly identify 99 percent cancerous cases. However the program gave inconclusive analysis just four percent. However some less than one percent of answers were false negatives which were benign diagnoses of the lumps that were actually cancerous. Wenger has hosted this app as Cloud4Cancer online for doctors to enter in their data, so that more data can result in better result. She hopes that such neural networks can be used in diagnosing other cancers as well.

Wenger gets internship at any on the institutions which hosted the Google Science Fair, trip to Galapagos Islands, and Lego Bricks made trophy and $50,000 scholarship for college. Wenger wishes to study major in computer science and wants to work as pediatric oncologist.

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