How to Gain Right Weight during Pregnancy

How to Gain Right Weight during Pregnancy

During Pregnancy you need to gain right weight. For an average weight woman you should gain 25 pounds to 35 pounds during the pregnancy. And women who are overweight should gain 15 pounds to 25 pounds only.

How to Gain Right Weight during Pregnancy:

If you are suggested to gain weight during pregnancy then here some of the suggestions you can use to gain weight:

First thing you must do is eat five to six small meals. You must have frequent meals but small meals every day.

If you travel and work than you must in between have quick and easy snacks such as nuts, cheese, yogurt, crackers, dried fruit, and raisins.

Peanut butter: have peanut butter on toast, or on crackers, with apple and bananas or with celery. Creamy peanut butter is yummy in taste liked by all and it provides 100 calories as compared with seven grams of the protein.

Non Fat Powdered Milk: while eating food like mashed potato, scrambled eggs or hot cereals you can add the non fat powdered milk to such foods to get you nutrient of milk.

With your normal food you can add margarine, or butter, cream cheese, or sour cream, cheese etc. they are rich source of fats and give you good calories as well.

Also have foods which are rich in proteins. Have food which can give you calories.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

What if you are overweight or what if you are gaining too much of weight during the pregnancy?

If you gave gained more weight than recommended during pregnancy you must talk to medical provider. In most of cases it is not advised to intentionally lose weight during one’s pregnancy. You must eat food which will provide for nutrients needed by you and your baby. You must eat variety of food however you must slow down gaining of your weight. Some suggestions are:

If you plan to eat out (in fast food restaurant this is where you gain loads of calories) you must choose low fat items. For example: broiled chicken sandwich which has tomato and lettuce and has no mayonnaise or sauce or cheese Salad with low fate dressing, plain baked bagel and potatoes. Avoid French fries, breaded chicken patties, mozzarella sticks.

You must avoid whole milk products. Skim milk should be taken as milk products are to be eaten during pregnancy. Low fat or fat free cheese is all right to have. And have fat free yogurt.

Sweet and sugary drink should be avoided. Soft drinks, fruit punch, lemonade, fruit drinks provide calories only and very less nutrients. Have more water, club soda, and mineral water.

Extra salt causes body to retain more water and thus extra weight. So eat less salt.

No fried food and use low fat methods for cooking. Fats should be taken in moderation.

Moderate exercise can also benefit. Take a walk often.

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