India Now Polio Free for the First Time.

India Now Polio Free for the First Time.

The world health organization and the united nation celebrated polio free year first time for India and mentioned it as the greatest achievement against this dreaded disease. Florida granite countertops granite countertops

The director general-Margaret Chan of the world health organization, called it as the “greatest public health achievement” of the Indian country. Bill gates too mentioned it as the major stepping stone in this fight against polio.

Mr. Bill gates said, “This is a major milestone in the global fight against polio. Children in India are now protected against this debilitating, preventable disease, bringing us one step closer to saving and improving the lives of all the children”.

The prime minister of India Mr. Manmohan Singh, the chief ministers along with the union health minister, Mr. Ghulamnabi Azad from specially congratulated by Mr. Bill gates for this great achievement.

This achievement was possible only with the help and hard work of the Indian government along with rotary club, WHO and UNICEF, special efforts taken by millions and millions of volunteers across the country. India once known as the epicenter of this dreadful disease will make a history becoming completely free from polio and reduce the number to three for the countries affected by polio.

Mr. Anthony Lake, director of UNICEF too celebrated the remarkable hard work and spirit of india, which actually encouraged him to start with a programme specifically for the poor and the most populated states with high-tech immunization centre’s.

Mr. Anthony Lake said in one of the press conferences   “India’s achievement is proof positive that we can eradicate polio even in the most challenging environments, in fact, it is only by targeting these areas that we can defeat this evil disease.”

In 1985 the rotary club launched the polio programme and by 1988 it has become a partner with WHO, US CENTRES and UNICEF to fight and control the disease.

Margaret Chan, director general WHO said “India’s success is arguably its greatest public health achievement and has provided a global opportunity to push for the end of polio.”

The last reported polio case was in the year 2011 which stated that a 2 year girl from west Bengal was affected by this crippling disease. After this the UN still was very alert, in 2010 the country recorded only 42 polio case out of 1,352 registered worldwide.

A spokesperson from WHO stated that “it is a very welcoming milestone, but it is not the end of the road.

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