Is Sex Safe After Heart Attack?

Is Sex Safe After Heart Attack?

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the common chronic ailments faced by lots of people all over world. Men are more prone to heart attack as compared to females. And the person who has recently suffered a heart attack, one of the difficult questions to ask doctor is how soon will sex be safe? Resuming to normal sex life after heart attack takes some time and some things have to be considered before doing sex after heart attack. There are set of guidelines which have been issued by the American Heart Association.

A person keeping his anonymity said that “The fear is you’re going to die while you’re having sex,and that would be a horrible thing to happen for both of you, obviously.”  The guidelines are to ease of fear, and guide through a person as when to have sex after his or her heart attack such that it is safe for his health.

Person should first test his abilities before having sex such as if he is able to walk briskly or climb two flights of staircase, then he can have sex. This is to test whether a person after heart attack has any cardiac symptoms present such as chest pain, difficulty in breathing, tiredness etc. if after minimal activity patient is experiencing the symptoms then it is advisable not to resume sex till the symptoms are totally under control. Moreover it is advisable that, patient should take rest and get back doing routine work before resuming his or her sex life. Also evaluation of one’s health and regular checkups are also necessary.

The studies have shown that after heart attack, risk of getting another heart attack of death is low that is two to three people per lakh people. But still there is small risk of getting exhausted and heart rate increasing because of sex because of which you ought to know when the safe time to resume sex after the heart attack is. Most important thing to do is communicate with doctor. Ask you cardiologist about this, and don’t speculate or experiment with your health. Verbalize the query, say what is on your mind, and have free conversation regarding this. This is important because every individual is different, and your doctor knows your medical and health condition well and guides you better.

All this is important to know because when person is enjoying sex, the body undergoes lots of changes like that of fight or flight response. The heart rate, breathing rate, hormone secretion etc. all these gets affected. After a heart attack person has to get back his strength and also ease of.

Remember health is more important, first recuperate…

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