KFC to pay $8.3 million as compensation to a brain damaged girl

KFC to pay $8.3 million as compensation to a brain damaged girl

The fast food chain giant KFC has been ordered to pay $8.3 million to a young girl’s family as compensation by an Australian court on this Friday, as the girl is left brain damaged after the intake of one of KFC’s meals.

According to the sources, Monika Samaan’s family claimed that she contracted salmonella poisoning after eating a Chicken Twister at an outlet of KFC in western Sydney in 2005. Then 7 years old Samaan went into coma for six months and was left with severe brain damage due to spastic quadriplegia. During the trial, the father of the girl told the court that he, his wife and son also went through hospitalisation because of sharing her Twister.

New South Wales Supreme Court Justice Stephen Rothman last week ruled out that KFC has breached its duty of young girl’s care and ordered the fast food chain outlet giant to pay AU$8 million along with additional legal costs of family, according to sources.

George Vlahakis, the lawyer of Samaan, said that the family has taken a sigh of relief after the court’s order and was happy putting an end to court’s battle as well as with the compensation figure. “Monika’s severe brain damage and severe disability has already exhausted the very limited resources of the family,” said lawyer Vlahakis.

Lawyer Vlahakis further said, “Monika is now a big girl and they are finding it increasingly difficult to lift her and to look after her basic needs as well as look after Monika’s younger siblings.” He also added saying, “The compensation ordered is very much needed. KFC have to date been determined that Monika does not receive a cent.”

However, KFC seems disappointed by the ruling and has indicated of appealing against the court’s ruling. “We believe the evidence showed KFC did not cause this tragedy and, after reviewing the judgment and seeking further advice from our lawyers, we have decided to appeal Justice Rothman’s decision,” KFC said in a statement, according to sources.

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