Kidney Stone: Causes and Foods to be Aware of

Kidney Stone: Causes and Foods to be Aware of

What is a kidney stone? From its name people have misconception of having actual stone in the kidney. Kidney stone is hard mass which gets developed in kidney from the crystals which separate from urine within urinary tract. Urine has chemicals that work to prevent inhibition of crystals formation. For some people these inhibitors don’t work and so there is formation of stones in kidney. If the size of stone is tiny then it passes through urinary tract and passes out of body with the urine. Kidney stone contain various combination of the chemicals. Common type of stone contains calcium with combination of oxalates or phosphates. The oxalates and phosphates are part of normal diet of people and are needed in body for bones and muscles. Other stones are struvite which are infection stone caused due to infection in the urinary tract. Other kidney stone types are uric acid stones, and rare cysteine stones.

Kidney stone remedies

Remember Gallstones are different stones and are not related to kidney stones at all. They form in different area of body.

Kidney stone causes:

Causes of kidney stone are not always known by the doctors. Certain foods can promote the formation of the stones in people who are already susceptible. Scientists don’t believe that eating of specific food causes the kidney stone formation in people who are not susceptible.

Who are susceptible to kidney stones?

People who have family history of kidney stones

Urinary tract infections

Kidney disorders: cystic kidney diseases

Metabolic disorders: hyperthyroidism

Renal Tubular Acidosis: rare but its hereditary

Cystinuria: metabolic disorder in which there if formation of stone due to amino acid cysteine

Hyperoxaluria: too much of oxalate that is salt when urine contains more oxalate then it can dissolve crystals settle and form stones.

Hypercalciuria: hereditary, when there is excess absorption of calcium from food and lost in urine forming calcium oxalate or calcium phosphate stones



Excess intake of the Vitamin D

Blockage of Urinary tract

Calcium based anta acids are known to cause stones

Chronic inflammation of bowel

People who have HIV intake protease inhibitor indinavir medicine are increase risk of developing kidney stones

People who have calcium oxalate forming kidney stones are advised to limit or avoid foods which have excess of oxalate such as:




Swiss chard

Wheat germ

Soybean crackers




Sweet potato

Black Indian Tea




Red raspberries

Green pepper

Fruit cake



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  1. zoren says:

    Most people are not aware of kidney stone until its too late, keeps eating fatty and salty food that can cause kidney stone. I think all of us should be health conscious, what our body need are exercise and healthy foods to make our body more active and healthy.
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