Know The Facts Of Alcoholism & Its Damages

Know The Facts Of Alcoholism & Its Damages

Having unfit and harmful drinking habits can be called as ‘Alcohol abuse’. For example, consuming alcohol every day or drinking excessively at one go. Alcohol abuse can be detrimental to your relationships, can hamper your work and cause legal problems like drunken driving (intoxicated). When alcohol is abused, you keep on drinking in spite of knowing that it will cause problems.

Drinking excessively leads to alcohol dependence which is also termed as alcoholism. There is physical or mental addiction to alcohol. You experience a strong craving for alcohol.

Alcohol dependence can be determined by the occurrence of following problems annually.

  • No control over the amount of alcohol consumed and difficulty in quitting alcohol completely.
  • You have to drink additionally to feel the same upshot.
  • You face withdrawal symptoms when you discontinue drinking. They comprise of feeling sick, anxiety, unsteadiness and excessive sweating.
  • You need to give up other work in order to find time to drink.
  • You drink even if it affects your relationships and weakens you physically.

Alcohol becomes a part of people’s lives and finds its place in family traditions and culture. Many times it becomes difficult to know when a person is consuming too much of alcohol.

Having more than 3 drinks at a time or more than 7 drinks per week for women is too much whereas for men, taking more than 4 drinks at a time or more than 14 drinks per weeks can be extreme.

Alcohol related problems can be diagnosed at a normal visit to the doctor. The doctor will question you about the symptoms and health history or will carry out a physical exam and mental health assessment. This is to know if the person is not facing a mental problem like depression.

Alcohol related health problems like cirrhosis are also tested.

Treatment is carried out depending on the severity of the alcohol problem. A counselor’s help is all it takes for some people to cut down the consumption to a fair level. People having addiction require medical help and need to stay at the treatment centre.

Detoxification is given to the patient in order to flush out all the alcohol from the body, after which the focus remains on staying away from alcohol or being restrained. Medicines are needed to stay sober.

When a person is successful in staying sober, he/she takes an initial step in the direction of recovery. To recover entirely, other aspects of life such as learning to cope up with family and work commitments should be focused. Counseling and group support such as Alcoholics Anonymous helps a great deal in the recovery process.

Alcoholism is not a weakness. It is a serious problem which can be successfully addressed and solved by means of professional help and family support.

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