Lung Disease: Most Common Medical Condition Worldwide

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Lung Disease: Most Common Medical Condition Worldwide

Lung disease can be an infection, disease, or disorder in the lungs. Lungs have the duty to take in the oxygen from the air we breathe and remove from body the impurities of the air like carbon dioxide etc. Fact is that millions of people suffer from lung disease worldwide, let us thank ourselves the most for that. Smoking and Pollution are the chief reasons which cause the lung disease other than the infections and the genetic vulnerability. In United States the lung disease (all forms and types together) ranks on number three position for killing people.

Chronic Lung Disease

Lung disease is basically all the diseases, infections and disorders which affects the lungs. And one basic and common symptom in all types of the lung disease is the problem in breathing. Some of the diseases get so bad, due to respiratory failure that it becomes fatal. About lung disease it is a condition where function of the lung is adversely affected. Lung disease can be due to problem in in exchange process of gas in the membrane between alveoli and the blood. When there is impeding efficiency in up taking of the oxygen or in the removal of the carbon dioxide. In some cases of lung disease bronchial system on the lungs is inefficient in delivering air to alveoli, blockage in bronchial tree, inability of chest muscles in expansion and contraction for movement of air. Lungs may have problem in detoxifying foreign substances.

Common Lung diseases include:

Asthma is chronic lung disease which is characterized by inflammation in bronchi and in broncjioles and person experiences attacks of the airway obstruction. People with Asthma are sensitive and react to some substances which don’t cause same reactions in others. In Asthma attack lining of airways swells and bronchi contract which causes narrowing of airways. Mucus secretions inhibit air flow thus there is difficulty in breathing. Wheezing is also caused because of it.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD):this is the term used for the Emphysema and the Chrnic Bronchitis condition of lung disease. In COPD bronchial tubes are inflamed and scarred due to chronic bronchitis, and due to emphysema air sacs slowly get destroyed. Person experiences great difficulty in exhaling and getting sufficient oxygen.

Common infections of lung disease are caused by the various bacteria, virus and some fungi. Infection can be of chronic or acute condition affecting lungs and the pleura that is membrane surrounding the lungs. Pneumonia, Influenza, and Tuberculosis are common infections of the lungs.

Lung Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of the malignant cells which originate in lungs.

Lung Diseases get aggravated due to the pollution and smoking because of which many children, women and men are dying each year.

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