Man Of the Series Of World Cup 2011 Yuvraj Singh Has Lung Cancer

Man Of the Series Of World Cup 2011 Yuvraj Singh Has Lung Cancer

All rounder and India batsman Yuvraj Singh diagnosed with lung cancer is undergoing treatment in United States. This was first announced by Jatin Chaudhary who is physiotherapist of Yuvraj Singh.

All fans of Yuvraj Singh world over, done despair as the cancer though from fortune has been discovered in the first stage. The tumor is non malignant in the lungs. Yuvraj Singh will have to undergo chemotherapy. Though the cancer found is at dangerous place but its curable. Yuvraj is thirty years old.

“It is a rare tumor and is cancerous but it has been detected in stage one itself,” Chaudhary said.

Yuvraj singh man of the series in world cup 2011

Yuvraj Singh is first player who had taken five wickets as well scored 50 runs in the world cup match against Ireland. He is a left hander player, played for Yorkshire, he twitted on his twitter he seeks inspiration from the Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong is champion cyclist who has won multiple Tour de France after he underwent treatment for testicular cancer. “Reading Lance Armstrong’s book, it’s not about the bike! I’m sure it will motivate me and pull me through this time! Livestrong Yuvstrong!,” he has posted on the twitter.

His health first deteriorated whiles the World Cup 2011, the world cup which India won after 1983. He did play after the world cup, in tour of England where he broke his finger and then he played in two tests against England but return him in third test.

Jatin Chaudhary has further added “Doctors had to decide whether to continue medication or go for chemotherapy. Since parts of the tumor are just above the artery of his heart, there was a danger it could burst if he did any running. But it is 100% curable.”

Also he said that doctors wanted Yuvi to go for chemotherapy and for that he flied to US on 26th January and by March he will undergo CT scan. And he is expected to recover by then and rehabilitation till April. Yuvi is expected to recover by May when he can again start playing on field.

Jatin Chaudhary has also said “Thankfully no surgery is required, he is already a lot better than what he was and can’t wait to be back on the cricket field.”

Further information was that Yuvraj’s treatment was delayed because there was wrong diagnosis done by hospital in last year. That biopsy report was first stolen from Yuvi’s car and second one from hospital. Not naming people involved but Yuvraj Singh didn’t get correct diagnosis. The correct diagnosis was done by a Russian doctor and thereafter Yuvraj consulted to doctor in US who then advised him to undergo chemotherapy.

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  1. Vishakha says:

    Man Of the Series Of World Cup 2011 & India’s World Cup cricket hero Yuvraj Singh returned home on Monday after receiving treatment for a cancerous tumour in the United States.

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