Message on this World No Tobacco Day 2012: Tobacco is Injurious to Health

Message on this World No Tobacco Day 2012: Tobacco is Injurious to Health

May 31, 2012: World No Tobacco Day is celebrated across the globe on every 31st May. This day was created in 1987, mainly to draw the attention of the world towards the epidemic of tobacco and its negative effects on health of tobacco consumers by World Health Organisation (WHO). The World No Tobacco Day is common denoted by the symbol of ash trays with fresh flowers.

This day serves as a platform for the world to bring to light tobacco control messages and promote strict adherence to WHO’s initiative on controlling the consumption of tobacco across the world. This day also helps advocating effective measures or policies in order to reduce tobacco consumption. Considering that it tops the list of preventable epidemic faced by the health community, 31st May is regarded as one of the most significant day for the health community to make people aware of the risks caused by tobacco.

World No Tobacco Day 2012

Despite many attempts to reduce the tobacco consumption, it has become the second cause of death globally. Currently, its consumption is accountable for killing one in 10 adults leading to 5.4 million deaths every year globally.

This year, the theme for World No Tobacco Day 2012 is Tobacco Industry Interference. Under this theme, the health community will campaign to expose the rising aggressive attempts by tobacco industry for undermining the global efforts to control use of tobacco.

It is really important for all to know the reason behind urging to stop tobacco use as it will enable people to understand why observing World No Tobacco Day globally is helpful and significant. The reason is the death causing diseases that are caused due to the use of Tobacco. Some of these diseases are:

Cancer: Use of tobacco can cause lung, mouth, throat and gullet cancer. Tobacco smoking is responsible for nearly 90% of lung cancer cases. Moreover, the tobacco smokers are also likely to develop other types of cancers including bladder, kidneys, pancreatic and oesophagus cancer. Female consumers of tobacco are at greater risk of cervical cancer.

Heart related diseases: The smoking is considered as one of the major factors causing cardiovascular diseases, which are major cause of death now-a-days. In fact, smoking is also reported as the single major cause of premature heart attacks.

Chronic diseases: Tobacco use blocks the airflow causing difficulty in breathing. This adverse health condition is a chronic disease. Smoking tobacco causes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. About 80% of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) cases are due to tobacco smoking.

Although the listed ones are some of the major and very common health problems caused due to tobacco, there are many more health problems caused by the use of tobacco. It is advisable to all across the world to stop tobacco use for better and healthy living.

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