Mother’s Day 2012: Reduce Her Pain & Stress by gifting her Healthy Life

Mother’s Day 2012: Reduce Her Pain & Stress by gifting her Healthy Life

May 13, 2012: Mother’s Day is celebrated across the world to honour mothers, their motherhood and maternal bonds. This day is most commonly observed on the second Sunday of May in majority of countries, albeit the date and day of celebration of Mother’s Day differs in some countries. Well, difference in dates is not the thing to be noticed, but it’s the feeling that you must express to the one who born and brought you up into a self dependent person.

This day was first celebrated by Anna Jarvis in US in 1908 by organising a memorial for her mother. She later went on to campaign for making “Mother’s Day” a recognised holiday. In 1914, she succeeded in making this day a nationally recognised day in US. Later, Mother’s Day gained success and other countries around the world also started celebrating this day. She was disappointed by the commercialization of the Mother’s Day and once said,

“A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world. And candy! You take a box to Mother—and then eat most of it yourself – a pretty sentiment.”

2012 Mothers Day Card

So, it is really very important for us to understand the motive behind celebrating Mother’s Day. It isn’t only gifting your mothers or helping them for sometime rather it is the day to do something really good for them or something that could exhibit your true care for them. So, this Mother’s Day surprise your mother by showing concern about her health and help her get relief from the health issues she has been facing. Well, this can be done by following few things that include:

  • Taking mother for health check up – Take your mother to the doctor for complete health check up. Mothers usually don’t care about their health and keep on serving their family ignoring their own health related issues. These issues later develop into diseases that adversely affect mothers. This way you will be able to pay attention on her medication and help find solution to her daily health problems.

  • Give her relief from daily routine work and ask her to relax – Try to help your mother on that day and start helping her on daily basis for the things that she finds difficult to do. Just try and spare some time for helping her every day.
    Take her to Ayurvedic body massage center as this would help her relax for some time. Take her to a recognised centre to ensure that she get some relief from joint pains. You can enrol her name into the list of members of that centre making it easy for her to take body massage and relax at least once or twice in a month.

  • Don’t give her stress – Knowingly and unknowingly, we give stress to our mothers. So, try to reduce or stop the activities that increase your mother’s stress. You will have to do this throughout the year and gradually you will realise that you have helped her feel better than before. Try to make her happy by expressing your feeling and care to her in writing or by your actions. This will mentally make her happy and relaxed enabling her to overcome other health related issues.

Apart from these things you can also practice some other healthy things that can help her live a healthy and relaxed life. Show true care for your mother on this Mother’s Day and not just make this day a meaningless custom.

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