Ulcer Must Heal, I am Hungry

Ulcer Must Heal, I am Hungry

Keep ulcers at bay by drinking water and taking in good amount of vitamins.

Do you feel that agonizing pain while eating or drinking? Is there a red patch with yellow dot inside, then you might be suffering from mouth ulcer. There are various reasons to cause a mouth ulcer but amongst those many reason constipation and stress are the most common. It looks like mouth acne but never do a mistake of bursting it! Other then the inside part of the cheeks, it can occur on your lips, tongue and palate.

Mouth Ulcer Picture

If you are worried about passing it to someone or better say if it’s contagious here is the answer to this. The ulcers which are caused by herpes simplex are and the ones which are apthous are not contagious. According to the study 10% of the population suffers from ulcer time and again. If we are looking out for minor hints about ulcer it could be mild fever, skin rash or loss of appetite.In some major cases swelling and pain in the joints has also been brought to our notice. Some extreme cases where a malignant ulcer is detected are cause by chewing of tobacco,where the resistance power of mouth drops drastically and affects the elastic quality of mucosa. Ulcers are mainly caused by deficiency of vitamin B, irregular food habits, lack of sleep, constipation, allergies. Ulcer being self healing takes 2to 3 days to subside but if it stays back permanently it would be malignant. Ulcers which are malignant have high pain n grow in size. These ulcers are very common amongst the tobacco eaters, so if it refuses to heal it could be a cause of cancer.

  • Cure for ulcers are many, but the ones mentioned below are the most popular.
  • Applying glycerin .which would sooth as well as cure.
  • Gargling with salt water is the best home remedy which most of us do.
  • Folic acid or increase the intake of vitamins.
  • Using over the counter mouth gels, analgesics.
  • Avoiding spicy food.

Sometimes these ulcers become serious problem which needs special steroid treatment with biopsy is required. Keeping certain simple things in mind ulcers could be kept at bay. Drinking loads of water helps clear bowls, increasing the intake of vitamins in daily meal, healthy eating habits and stress less life are some of the most simple precaution to avoid ulcers.

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