National Cancer Survivors Day 2012: Survivorship Celebrating Life!

National Cancer Survivors Day 2012: Survivorship Celebrating Life!

June 2, 2012: World will observe its 25th annual National Cancer Survivor Day this Sunday on June 3, 2012. This day is considered as the day of Celebration of Life by hundreds of communities across United States, Canada and various other participating nations.

Although this day is gradually gaining popularity in other countries of the world, it is mainly celebrated as secular holiday in United States. This day is celebrated to demonstrate to the world that a happy and cheerful life is possible even after cancer diagnosis. The National Cancer Survivor Day Foundation is endeavouring to grow awareness of this day and the message associated with it across the other nations of the world.

National Cancer Survivors Day 2012

Merril Hastings at the second national conference meeting of National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship in Albuquerque, New Mexico first announced of the National Cancer Survivors Day on November 20, 1987. On 5th June 1988, the first National Cancer Survivors Day was held.

This day is celebrated by hundreds of support groups, hospitals and other cancer related organisations by providing free education, guidance and networking in their communities about the cancer survivors. National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation supports many hospitals and institutions, which come ahead to celebrate as well as host National Cancer Survivors Day events.

Celebration of National Cancer Survivors Day encourages the current cancer patients to be positive and take proper treatment as the disease can be treated. Also, it raises awareness among the people about how fast the disease is growing and what are measures taken by the nations around the world to counter its effect.

The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation defines a ‘survivor’ as the person living with the history of cancer from the time of diagnosis till the rest of his or her life. Some of the very common cancer forms known include breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, bladder cancer, brain cancer, etc.

The cancer is normally treated by chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. However, the chances of surviving depend on the type and location of the cancer as well as the extent of disease at the time of treatment.

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