Obama Appoints Grant Colfax to Lead National AIDS Strategy

Obama Appoints Grant Colfax to Lead National AIDS Strategy

March 15, 2012: San Francisco’s top HIV public health administrator, Dr. Grant Colfax was appointed to take charges of the Office of National AIDS Policy as head by the President Obama on Wednesday. Now, Dr. Colfax is accountable for carrying out National AIDS Strategy announced last year.

The aim of the National AIDS Strategy is to bring reduction in the new HIV infections, increase in accessibility and adherence to treatment, and addressing of HIV-related health differences, particularly among minority groups. So, Dr. Colfax will have to be accountable of all these objectives focused by Obama’s National AIDS Strategy. “Grant’s expertise will be key as we continue to face serious challenges and take bold steps to meet them,” said President Obama. “I look forward to his leadership in the months and years to come.”

Dr. Grant Colfax & President Barack Obama

Dr. Colfax was director of HIV prevention and research with the Public Health Department in San Francisco and has worked for several years in the outpatient HIV/AIDS clinic at San Francisco General Hospital. He also did his clinical training caring in San Francisco General’s Ward 5A for HIV/AIDS patients. The San Francisco General’s Ward 5A is considered as the first inpatient HIV program in US.

Recently, Dr. Colfax was leading a local and national push for HIV patients’ early treatment mainly to improve the health of the infected ones and to help in preventing the infection to spread. Now, Tracey Packer, deputy director of HIV prevention in the Public Health Department, has replaced him as Dr. Colfax has been handed over with much greater responsibility by the President Obama.

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