Pain in the Knee shouldn’t be ignored

Pain in the Knee shouldn’t be ignored

Knee is one of the sensitive as well as important joint areas in leg. Knee pain is common musculoskeletal complaint which is due to different causes. Knees are responsible for bending of our leg, straighten for movement of body, act like hinge, twist and rotate. Structure of knees consists of bones, tendons, cartilage and ligaments. Pain in knee can be due to various conditions which cause the knee problems. About knee pain the pain can rise itself from knee or referred from causing conditions in hips, ankles or in lower back. Knee pain could be immediate that is called as acute knee pain. Acute knee pain is caused due to infection and or caused due to injury like knee pain from running. Other knee pain is due to chronic knee pain which caused due to injury, or due to inflammation like arthritis.

Knee Pain from Running

Acute knee pain common causes are:

  • Knee Osteoarthritis
  • Medical Meniscus Injury
  • Lateral Meniscus Injury
  • Lateral collateral Ligament Injury
  • Anterior cruciate ligament rupture
  • Posterior cruciate ligament rupture
  • Acute Gouty Arthritis
  • Fracture
  • Knee pain can occur due to three reasons:
  • Excessive usage of the knee: knee pain due to running is one example
  • Injury to the knee and in related organs which cause pain in knee.
  • Injury: due to fractures can cause knee pain

Problem which are not related to knee yet cause knee pain are:

Osteoarthritis: it is a degenerative joint disease which can also cause knee pain. Pain is worse in morning and improves during day. Rheumatoid arthritis, gout and disease like lupus causes knee pain, stiffness in knee, and swelling.

Osgood- Schlatter: this disease cause pain, swelling, and cause tenderness in front of knee just below the kneecap. This disease is tend to be common in boys of age 11 to 15.

Baker’s cyst: Popliteal Cyst cause swelling in back of knee.

Infection in skin’s cellulitis, in joint’s causing infectious arthritis. Infection in the bone cause osteomyelitis and the infection in bursa cause septic bursitis causes pain as well as decrease in knee’s movement.

Pinched nerve or problem in hip causes knee pain.

Osteochondritis disseacans is able to cause pain and decreases movement. In this a piece of bone or knee’s cartilage in the knee joint experiences loss of blood supply and it dies causing knee pain.

Pain in knee tends to disrupt our normal day to day living. As person experiences difficulty in twisting, rotating in knee etc. it gets difficult to go about working as normal. Laser Treatment for knee pain is available. You must consult a doctor immediately when there is knee pain.

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