Playing Video Games Might Serve as Remedy to Improve Eyesight

Playing Video Games Might Serve as Remedy to Improve Eyesight

Having good eyesight is desired by every person and especially those who are fed-up of wearing glasses or contact lenses. And many, who are afraid of surgery wish for some overnight miracles to happen and improve their vision. Well if not an overnight miracle, at least playing video games can surely be of some help to all.

Now, how is that possible?  Is the only question that comes to our mind and we are left curious to know the answer. Well, the answer to this lies in the study conducted by a psychologist Dr. Daphne Maurer of McMaster University in Vancouver, Canada. As per the study, playing video games may actually help improve and also reverse failing eyesight in adults who were born with congenital cataracts.

The study was initially conducted on six adults between the ages of 19 to 31 who had been the victim of the congenital cataract since birth. These adults were asked by Dr. Maurer to become part of a program that required them to play first-person shooting games, which required their involvement in using the strategy, vigilance and attention to the detailing for a period of 10 hours weekly for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, all the participants showed some improvement when it comes to detection of subtle differences in contrasts, focussing, reading fine print and following small moving objects.

Playing video gamesAccording to Dr. Maurer, the improvement is the proof of the adult brain’s continuing malleability. Well! By this, he meant that the adult brain can be still conditioned to work around the already existing sensory deficiencies. These results of the study support the earlier findings claiming that playing certain video games can help improve other eye conditions as well as disorders like ambylopia (lazy eye). A report published by Dr. Somen Ghosh (Micro Surgical Eye Clinic in Kolkata, India) towards the 2011 year-end states that pre-teens and teenagers between the ages of 10 and 18 who were suffering from lazy eye have observed an improvement in their condition after administering a regimen of video games over the time.

Moreover, another study conducted by Dr. Daphne Bavelier at the University of Rochester in New York, US also showed some similar results wherein undergoing a video game program helped people experiencing difficulties in night driving. On the basis of his study, Dr. Bavelier said that the pathways of the brain can be still challenged for visual processing. So, all those who are suffering from congenital cataracts, ambylopia (lazy eye) and facing difficulties in night driving play video games every day to improve your eyesight.

2 Responses to Playing Video Games Might Serve as Remedy to Improve Eyesight

  1. Tony Priddy says:

    I think I could use this as an excuse in playing video games.We should know how to control our self, too much exposure to the radiation of monitor is still not good for our health, but playing video games is still fun, I love playing strategy and adventure games.

  2. Daniel says:

    Hmm, I have thought that computer games are bad for the vision. Sounds like a science fiction =)
    Daniel recently posted..No more eyeglassesMy Profile

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