Pregnancy and Weight Gain

Pregnancy and Weight Gain

During pregnancy woman should gain right amount weight. Eat a healthy diet which is well balanced diet, give your body and baby all nutrients which are needed for baby to grow at healthy rate. First thing it is not important to eat for two. The baby is way too small, though it is true you need some extra calories and some additional nutrients but you don’t need to consume so much of food. Generally you need to consume some 100 to 300 more calories than you usually do before you became pregnant. This little extra is for growing baby.

Weight Gain and Pregnancy

Do ask your doctor about what to eat and how much to eat and how much weight is right for you to gain during pregnancy. About 25 t 35 ounce of weight gain during pregnancy is right for average weight woman. Those who are under weight before pregnancy should gain 26 pounds to 40 pounds. And women who are already over weight should gain only 15 pounds to 25 pounds during the pregnancy. Always take the recommendation of your health care provider.

In general pregnant woman should gain 2 pounds to 4 pounds in first trimester of pregnancy. And thereafter 1 pound a week for reminder of pregnancy.

In case the pregnant woman is diagnosed with having twins then there is a difference. You must gain 35 pounds to 45 pounds of weight gain during the pregnancy. In first trimester you should gain 2 to 5 pounds of weight gain. And average of one and half pounds per week after usual weight gain of the first three months of trimester.

Basic weight distribution during the pregnancy:

Baby: baby weight should be around 8 pounds

Placenta has weight of 2 to 3 pounds

Amniotic fluid in which baby floats inside uterus should be 2 to 3 pounds

Blood supply is 4 pounds

Fat which is stored for delivery and breast feeding is 5 to 9 pounds

Uterus increase is 2 to 5 pounds

This total comes to around 25 to 35 pounds which is normal to gain during pregnancy.

Now question arises is it than safe to lose weight when woman is pregnant?

Well in some cases women who are very over weight it is safe for them to lose weight during pregnancy. But all this must be done under supervision of medical provider. However it is not advised to lose weight during the pregnancy.

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