Pregnancy Precautions after Miscarriage

Pregnancy Precautions after Miscarriage

Pregnancy is dream come true for woman, and it’s the best time of her life. But with a miscarriage it turns into nightmare and bad memory. Woman actually gets devastated, so much that she may fear of taking chance to get pregnant again. Experience becomes scarring and like a scar it affects her. Emotionally woman experience trauma. Loss of child affects woman and father to be too.

Most of the cases woman blames on herself for loss of their child. She believes that she did something which resulted in causing of tragedy. But its important to know that no mother to be does anything knowingly which will hurt baby inside and its not your fault.

Women who loose baby, they become so sensitive and they try to conceive immediately. But wait till your body heals from the previous trauma. Heed the advices and recommendations of the doctor. Healing of body after miscarriage takes time. Depending on what stage the pregnancy, healing depends on it. For example woman’s body will heal faster as compared to woman who has miscarriage in her third trimester.

After miscarriage and discharge from hospital it will be better if you stay in touch with your gynecologist. Understand from your doctor as what is your body going through. Also take advice of doctor to know right time to conceive. Wait till your body is ready and is back to normal that is normal menstrual cycle.

Woman goes through lot of emotional trauma which also needs to be healed before conceiving. Also woman may experience some depression because of so much hormonal changed and disturbances in body.

Getting pregnant again and able to deliver healthy baby is possible and not a distant dream. Once happened doesn’t mean it will happen again or even after two miscarriages woman have been able to have normal pregnancy and have delivered healthy babies. Just let your body and mind heals at first and then after taking advice of doctor start planning for another pregnancy.

Woman who have had bad experience of miscarriage tend to become extra careful when they become pregnant again. They are very cautious of consuming their vitamins, iron and other supplements and also about regular check-ups. Being careful is good but being over caution is not required. Proper diet and taking of medications is essential when becoming pregnant again.

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