Pros & Cons Of Birth Contraceptive

Pros & Cons Of Birth Contraceptive

Having Knowledge is always helpful. And knowing about the birth control methods is significant as it helps you to know what will suit your need and thereby, prevent unwanted pregnancy. It also helps in saving oneself from Sexually Transmitted diseases. Thus, knowing pros and cons of the birth control methods is must.

Birth control method with lowest failure rate is Depo-Provera Injection. This injection is commonly known as the Shot. This injection must be used correctly and even consistently. This is basically a synthetic hormone, which is to be given every three months, to stop the ovulation. After the use of this injection, the medicine gets active within twenty four hour, and the effects lasts till three months. This prevents ovaries from releasing the eggs. The failure rate is 0.3 % only.

Condom is believed to be one of the best methods of birth control. Using condoms is effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy and also it’s the only method that helps in preventing transmission of sexual diseases. It acts as a barrier, and is effective for both partners, male and female. Oral contraceptives interfere with the hormonal system of the body, but condom doesn’t interfere with hormonal system. This reason makes condom as best birth control method. Only the fear of tear is the reason why it doesn’t guarantee hundred percent safeties. Vaginal rings prevent unintended pregnancy, but it’s not effective in protecting against STDs.

Birth Control pills that are oral contraceptives interfere with body’s hormonal and ovulation system. If you forget to take the pill on the first day and then you need to take two pills next day. And if on second day also you forget, then you should opt for other forms of birth control methods till pill pack finishes. You cannot miss even a single day. Once you stop taking pills, chance of pregnancy increases.

The Emergency contraceptive can be used, as it mentions only in case of emergency. It is not to be used as regular form of birth control method. In case, there has been unprotected sex and the birth control has failed, then you can pop the emergency pill. These pills affect the female body very much and frequent usage or regular usage is too harmful, as it has many side effects. Emergency contraceptive pills can only be taken within 72 hours, sooner taken the better, but after that it has no use.

Birth control method that is effective for longer duration like five to ten years is using of IUD’s. It can be effective till five to ten years as birth control method depending on type of IUD, which are of two types – the copper IUD (Paragard) and the Hormonal IUD (Mirena). Also vaginal ring is a safe method for at least a month. In this a ring is placed into the vagina, which needs to be changed every month. After three weeks, you have to remove the ring for your periods.

There is nothing as such called the best method for birth control. As each of the methods have their own pros and cons, it’s up to you to choose the method that suits your lifestyle. Moreover, when deciding upon the method of contraceptive you should consider few things such as your health, when you want to get pregnant, how often you do sex, and the number of partners for sex. All this is important.

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