Rotavirus Infection: Vaccination is Must

Rotavirus Infection: Vaccination is Must

Rotavirus is a fatal infection which can happen to kids and its advisable that you give Rotavirus Infection vaccination to your kids. I have baby girl and I have myself given her that vaccination.

Know About Rotavirus:

Rotavirus infection is said to happen to kids who are of 5 years and below. The Rotavirus is common cause of diarrhea and causes Rotavirus gastroenteritis which can cause dehydration in the infants and toddlers. It is a severe infection, approximately 3 million cases of the rotavirus diarrhea are registered and in which 55,000 kids are hospitalized for dehydration in United States alone. And worldwide statistics shows many deaths of 5 year old and below children due to dehydration causes by the diarrhea in Rotavirus Infection. Many of the cases are found in the developing and under developing countries where optimal health care and nutrition is not available. One important thing to know about Rotavirus infection is that it is contagious.

Rotavirus in adults

Symptoms of Rotavirus infection:




Abdominal cramps

Diarrhea: watery excretion

Possibility of runny nose and cough also

Thing is diarrhea is so severe that it can lead to quick dehydration in body. So you must know the signs of dehydration:





Sunken eyes

Dry mouth

Dry tongue

Dry skin

Less urination

Rotavirus infection can happen to adults also. But its more common to kids. Rotavirus infection can happen more in winter and spring. Also the Rotavirus infection can happen even you take care of cleanliness around the baby. With spick and span home baby can contract Rotavirus Infection as it is very contagious.

Rotavirus Vaccination

Rotavirus Vaccination is included in lineup of the routine immunizations given to babies and infants. There are two vaccines available that is Rotateq and Rotarix either of which you can give to prevent Rotavirus Infection in your kids. Antibiotics don’t work on Rotavirus infection. When kid has Rotavirus infection he may be admitted to give IV fluids to keep kid hydrated. Follow advice of doctor and don’t go for over counter medicines for loose motions, vomiting and for diarrhea.

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  1. Josef Krouse says:

    Rotavirus infection most commonly strikes during the winter months (December through May), but it occurs year round in developing countries. In the United States every year, rotavirus first appears in the Southwest and spreads to the Northeast. Almost every child 5 years and younger at some point will be infected with rotavirus in both developed countries and developing countries.

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