Safety Precautions After Miscarriage

Safety Precautions After Miscarriage

Pregnancy is the best time in woman’s life, but miscarriage is devastating especially for woman along with the father to be and their family and friends. Miscarriage shatters happiness and dreams the pregnant woman feels and thinks after she gets confirmation of pregnancy. If woman already has miscarriage before there are safety precautions which are to be taken when planning for pregnancy again and also while being pregnant.

Precautions after Miscarriage
there are certain precautions that pregnant woman has to take after unfortunate happening of miscarriage:

Healing time for body depends as how long was your duration of pregnancy, that is at what month your pregnancy was etc. if the miscarriage was early one, then body will mostly recover after the one or three menstrual cycle.

And if the miscarriage has happened in later stage of pregnancy that is in few months of pregnancy then you must consult gynecologist and take your doctor’s advice about the precautions that you will have to take after miscarriage. Also you will have to prepare your body again such that you can conceive again at right time for which only doctor will be able to guide you well.

Miscarriages have different types and depending on type of miscarriage, healing time is also different.

Also healing depends on woman. All women are different and have different pregnancy experience. And in healing and recovering also every woman is different. Cases are also unique and so doctors can rightly advice you regarding when your body will come back to its normalcy.

One important precaution is not to conceive till one menstrual cycle is complete. Do not even try!

Woman experiences lot of bleeding after miscarriage. This heavy bleeding lasts few days and then it gets lighter and then eventually it stops. Normally bleeding should stop in seven days and if bleeding is still persisting or more than normal then immediately see doctor.

Also if there is any pain after the miscarriage then see doctor, as after miscarriage pain confiscates.

Other important thing is that if there is temperature then you must consult doctor immediately. Because temperature is indicates infection which at times can even lead to infertility in females.
also see doctor if there is some offensive discharge.

Sexual intercourse must be avoided till there is bleeding, this is essential to prevent infection.

Healing time for body can take few days to months. If emotional attachment of women to fetus in womb is much then it can increase time of healing. Emotional attachment and loss can also lead to some form of depression.

Plan another baby when you are mentally prepared for new baby and not grieving for the loss. If one pregnancy has resulted in miscarriage then this doesn’t mean you will never be able to become parents. Healthy babies get delivered after miscarriage. Just consult doctor and do as he says. Follow the advices and medicines which he prescribes.

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