Save money treat Stretch Marks with Home Remedies

Save money treat Stretch Marks with Home Remedies

Stretch Marks are a common problem which most of women develop in their lives. Stretch marks are common during pregnancy and post pregnancy. Some women have generic predisposition, because of which stretch marks develop everywhere. Some women are lucky enough to escape from the hideous stretch marks. Stretch marks are common sign of pregnancy. This is because the skin is stretching itself to accommodate baby inside. Stretch marks are commonly seen around the breast as well. This is due to storage of milk for baby. Stretch marks look like reddish lines across body and with time they turn white in color. Weight gain is also one of the major causes of stretch marks. When the skin is stretched to maximum, the elastic fibers and skin collagen breaks. This results in rupture middle layer of tissues of skin. Stretch marks look ugly, and you can prevent them.

Before and after stretch mark removal

Simple Preventive Steps to avoid Stretch Marks:

Prevention of Itching: For prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy you must not itch. Itching is common thing to happen to your skin due to it stretching. If you itch then stretch marks are bound to happen.

Keep skin supple: To stop itching and prevent stretch marks you must keep your skin supple and moisturized. Other important thing is diet.

Diet: Diet during pregnancy is definitely an important thing to take care. To avoid getting any stretch marks have healthy diet. The food you eat should be rich in vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E and K. Also the diet should have mineral like zinc. This all is essential for the proper nutrition for the skin. Food’s which are great for skin; you must have that too, like avocado and berries. Also eating food which has more protein will be beneficial. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are needed for good tissue growth and optimum elasticity. Fresh fruits and veggies, almonds, eggs, and fish you must take for providing the essential nutrients for the skincare.

Drink Water: For keeping the collagen production at the normal level you must drink lot of water as well. Water helps in keeping your skin hydrated and more elastic.

Exercise: Exercise is also best for reducing and preventing of the stretch marks. The firming of body, helps in tightening the skin and this promote better elasticity. Stretch marks tend to develop in abdomen, thighs, hips, and arms some of the exercises help to firm these areas.

Lots of creams, lotions and medicated ointments etc. are available in over the counter sale. But its effectiveness is yet not proved. Such creams are costly as well as less effective. Since these are chemical made, there are chances of side effects. Home remedies for stretch marks are more effective and cost saving. And definitely home remedies for stretch marks have no side effects. Also do consult your doctor before doing any home remedy or any creams. During pregnancy it’s advised to do as doctor says.

Effective Home Remedies for Stretch Marks:

Oil Massaging: Apply any of the oil regularly on the affected areas and see them working to reduce the stretch marks and treat the skin problems. Regular massage is needed.

• Rub warm olive oil on abdomen and hips. Olive oil should be warm and not hot. Rub oil in gentle manner and in circular motion. This helps in better blood circulation and this reduce stretch marks to great extent.

• Calendula oil: it has medicinal properties helps in minimizing the stretch marks.

• Lavender oil; aromatic oil, herbal oil works in reducing the stretch marks

• Castor oil: also known as errand oil, very effective in keeping skin smooth, supple and works to reduce the stretch marks.

• Flaxseed oil: very good oil to keep skin moist and supple

• Cod liver oil

• Margosa oil

• Coconut oil

Effective Recipes: Make these recipes at home and apply on Stretch Marks:

• Carrier oil and Lavender oil: You can make a mixture of carrier oil (only one ounce of avocado, jojoba or sweet almond, any will do as they are best) with lavender’s seven drops along with the five drops of the chamomile. Gently apply on the affected skin where there are stretch marks. This is very effective and most important home remedy for stretch marks.

• Almond oil and Chamomile oil: Effective home remedy made with the mixture of almond oil, with the lavender oil and half teaspoon of the chamomile oil. This mixture is recommended for its effective treating of stretch marks.

• Calendula Oil and Wheat germ Oil: Mixture of wheat germ oil and calendula oil mix one tablespoon of both oil, and apply regularly on the affected areas such as abdomen, hips etc. can be applied on the breast region as well to reduce the stretch marks due to milk storage in breast.

• Virgin Olive Oil with Aloe Vera: Mix virgin olive oil with aloe vera gel. Add the liquids from Vitamin E capsules and Vitamin A. mix these well. Store it in jar and the refrigerate it. Apply it on the place where you have stretch marks. This mixture is also helps in preventing stretch marks where in you can apply daily on thighs, breasts, abdomen and hips every day.

• Applying lemon is also good and advisable as it is known to improve collagen production.

• Application of sandalwood and holy basil is also good as they are effective natural remedies for stretch marks.

• Application of cocoa butter is also good. Cocoa butter cream is an elastin cream helps in nourishing skin and making it more elastic. These creams are good for stretch marks.

Stretch marks can be reduced and they can gradually disappear. The moistening of skin, keeping it supple, smooth and hydrated is essential. This is vital because this foster’s body’s self-repairing system of the skin. Our skin makes new cells continuously; by gentle massage and application of oils we foster the cell production. Stretch marks look ugly. Drinking adequate water for maintaining sufficient water in body helps in keeping dry skin problems at bay. Hydrated skin leads to detoxification of the skin pores and restoration of skin’s elasticity. It works in diminishing the markings of stretch marks on the skin. Home remedies for stretch marks along with proper nutritious diet, adequate water drinking and regular exercise will prevent stretch marks. And if stretch marks happen on skin these home remedies will help to reduce and remove them from your body. Look beautiful and keep your skin healthy.

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