Scientists Develop Treatment to Stop World’s Tallest Man from Growing

Scientists Develop Treatment to Stop World’s Tallest Man from Growing

The World’s tallest man takes a sigh of relief after finally discovering that he has stopped growing at an 8’ 3” with the help of a new revolutionary treatment. The 29-year old Sultan Kosen, a Turkish farm labourer, was suffering from a rare disorder known as ‘acromegaly’. This disorder has caused his body to continue producing the hormones responsible for growth.

Earlier, the condition of the Mr. Kosen was considered to have been the outcome of a tumour in the pituitary gland, which is found at the bottom of the hypothalamus at the brain’s base in a human body. So, the doctors went on to remove the tumour in 2008 claiming that they have cured Mr. Kosen. However, he still grew by half an inch every year even after getting the tumour removed.

Sultan Kosen - Tallest Man Of The World

Alas! The researchers discovered a remedy to cure Mr. Kosen and developed a new revolutionary treatment on his visit at the University of Virginia Medical Centre in 2010. The researchers’ treatment worked and finally claimed that Mr. Kosen has stopped growing.

The hands of Mr. Kosen are 10.8-inch across, while his feet measuring 13.7-inch in length are world’s longest feet. Mr. Kosen wears shoes of the size 28 and is one of the exclusive ten people who have reached the 8ft mark. Also, he is the only one and the first one in a decade to have crossed 8ft. The farmer was normal until the age of 10 and later the tumour resulted in the disorder in him. When the normal children were of more than 4ft, he was over 6ft.  “The kids used to tease me and I found that very difficult,” said Mr. Kosen during his trip to the UK in 2010. “But now I am really proud of being tall.”

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