Space Drink by NASA reverses Signs of Ageing

Space Drink by NASA reverses Signs of Ageing

May 28, 2012: NASA has developed a ‘space drink’ in order to protect the astronauts from radiation. This space drink, however, also has the ability to reduce the wrinkles and reverse signs of ageing merely within four months, according to researchers.

A team of researchers at Utah University conducted a human trial to finally arrive to the conclusion that the concoction, also called as AS10, noticeably brings reduction in wrinkles, sun damage and blemishes after being consumed for four months.

The researchers took the visa photographs of 180 participants at the initial stage of the trial. These photographs reveal the condition of the skin below the surface making use of various types of light exposure. After the participants consumed two shots of AS10 a day for four months, the researchers again took their photographs. After analysing the participant’s photographs, the researchers found out that the wrinkles have reduced by 17% and the UV spots have reduced by 30% in the participants.

Skin Wrinkles

It is to be noted that the drink AS10 was developed by NASA mainly as a nutritional supplement for astronauts with the aim to protect them from the high level of radiation beyond Earth’s atmosphere that can cause damage to them. The radiation particles are responsible for forming reactive oxygen species (ROS) by altering the oxygen molecules within the body. The reactive oxygen species (ROS) or ‘free radicals’ damages the cells during a process called as oxidative stress. Further, the oxidative stress process has been linked to various diseases including alzheirmer’s and cancer. In addition to this, the toxic molecules are considered as great contributors to skin ageing process.

To counter the damages that may be caused due to radiation, the drink was developed with nutritional ingredients including combination of fruits like cupuacu (a cacao plant family fruit from Brazil), acai, acerola, yumberry and prickly pear. These fruits provide necessary vitamins and phytochemicals, which are compounds known for blocking the adverse effects of radiation. Some of the other ingredients included in the drink are green tea, pomegranate, grape and vegetables.

“Think of them as little Pac-men taking bites out of molecules that are essential for cells to function,” said the leader of the researchers’ team, Dr Aaron Barson. He further added saying, “The skin is the first body tissue to be exposed to UV rays and we know it is sensitive to oxidative stress. Our study shows it greatly benefits from a reduction in this stress. The effects of oxidative stress on the skin can be quickly modified and the skin can heal itself by drinking AS10.”

The drink AS10 is considered as enhancer of skin condition largely because the antioxidants present in large quantities in the drink protect against the oxidative stress and thereby, enable the skin to naturally repair. Antioxidants neutralises ROS by getting attached to them before they could cause damage to the skin. This ability of antioxidants present in the drink AS10 enables the space drink to reverse the signs of ageing.

5 Responses to Space Drink by NASA reverses Signs of Ageing

  1. TigDaZig says:

    OK, I want to buy this stuff by the gallon!

  2. AS10 is an amazing drink that tastes fantastic.
    Natural Gumption recently posted..AS10 LifeMy Profile

  3. Subrahmanian KR says:

    It is quite interesting.But still I cannot believe it.I wish if it were true and not a cheating.Will it be available in india?

  4. praveen kumar says:

    plese tell me. were is available in india……

  5. Ernesto Koon says:

    It is pretty well known that different people get different results with the same skin care products. This can be caused by variations in body chemistry, but more often than not it’s because everyone applies skin care products differently.

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