Sperm Donation: Increasingly Gaining Popularity

Sperm Donation: Increasingly Gaining Popularity

Some years ago, the couples facing the issues in conceiving a child due to sterility in men or women hardly had options to reproduce their child and were also hesitant to opt for other third party reproduction methods. However, the scenario is gradually changing and the people with the desire to reproduce are open to different third part reproduction processes.

One such type of third party reproduction process is impregnating a woman using donated sperm. This process of reproduction is only opted when the male partner is sterile or has weak sperms that can’t reach the eggs present in the ovary for the reproduction.

The sperm donation has become a known subject to most of the adults now-a-days and it is no longer discussed in closed rooms. Usually, the recipients of the sperms are heterosexual couples facing male infertility issues, lesbian couples and single women who desire to become a mother.

Sperm Donation

The sperm donation by man is mainly with the intention to impregnate a woman who is not a sexual partner. The sperm donor can donate the sperm for free as a help to the heterosexual couples or other women and can also do it with the motive to earn some money. However, the donor cannot claim of legal fatherhood of the child, albeit he is the biological father of the child produced using his sperm.

There are many sperm banks established over the past few years to collect and store the sperms and then use them for the reproduction for required recipients. Most of the donors donate their sperm through sperm banks or clinics. The recipients can select their donor on the basis of the academic ability, personality, race and various other factors. These sperm banks or clinics are subject to some state regulations like restricting the exact identity of the donor and the number of offspring. Thus, many sperm banks or clinics provide only limited information of the donor to the potential recipient. Curiosity to know everything about the donor prompts many recipients to select a known donor or private donation.

Broadly speaking, there are two methods of impregnating a woman through sperm donation – Artificial insemination (AI) and Natural Insemination. Well, the method of donating sperms at the sperm banks and then using them to impregnate a woman by using methods like Intracervical insemination (ICI), Intrauterine insemination (IUI), Intravaginal insemination and in vitro fertilization (IVF) falls under artificial insemination. The ICI, IUI and IVF are the methods conducted in a clinic, while the Intravaginal insemination can be conducted at home by the recipient. Most of the recipients opt for the artificial insemination that even employ assisted reproductive technology (ART) as this process doesn’t require any sexual activity to reproduce.

However, some of them opt for natural insemination wherein the donor does sexual intercourse with the woman solely to impregnate her. This type of method is usually practiced in privacy. Moreover, it is usually opted only after failure in conceiving using the artificial insemination too. This method is not practiced commonly and the artificial insemination is increasingly practiced now-a-days.

Thus, sperm donation is evolving as an increasingly practised process amongst the adults. This help donors earn some pocket money as well as do a noble deed by helping the recipient fulfil their desire to have a baby of their own. It is to be noted that some of the sperm banks really give good amount in compensation of the sperm donated.

In fact, a film named ‘Vicky Donor’ from Bollywood (India) is based on the sperm donation concept and has reportedly inspired some of the young male adults in India to come forward to donate their sperms. An IVF specialist Dr Naina Patel said that in the past two weeks, they have received innumerable e-mails, mails and calls from educated youths wishing to donate sperm. She added that this has happened to some extent due to the movie – ‘Vicky Donor’.

Apart from this, the sperm donation is gaining popularity around the globe and has also resulted in the advent of machines like sperm collecting machine. The video of the sperm collecting machine from china can be viewed on the video networks like Youtube.

All in all, this practise of sperm donation is serving as a boon to the society as a whole and is soon gaining ground as noble cause in the modern society by receiving the support of many young males coming forward to donate their sperm.

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