STDs: Sexually Transmitted Diseases to be aware of

STDs: Sexually Transmitted Diseases to be aware of

Diseases spread through air, water, food, from one person to another, via insects like mosquitoes and flies. Well the point is diseases can spread easily. The environment that we are living, makes us more vulnerable towards catching diseases thus knowledge helps in taking care of yourself such that you can live healthy.

Aids and STDs

What is STDs?

STDs stands for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The diseases which can pass from one person to another due to the sexual relationship between people are STDs. Around twenty five STDs each having different symptoms, are known to spread through oral, vaginal and anal sex. Some of the diseases which are referred as STDs can also spread through other ways, but the STD affects when one of the partner has STD with whom you have sexual contact.

You will know if you have STDs when you recognize the symptoms, or the partner comes and tells you! Women should be more aware, as STDs Diseases can be transmitted to unborn child if she is pregnant. If you think that you have been exposed to any STD, then its advisable to immediately consult doctor and undergo STDs test. Many of the Sexually transmitted diseases can be cured, but some can be chronic, or some which are too fatal. Some diseases are curable, but if untreated then causes unpleasant symptoms or make long term damage like infertility. Once you have been diagnosed, please inform all the people with whom you have had sex in last one year about the STD.

Symptoms STDs: as mentioned above if you experience any of the symptoms like soreness, pain while urinating, sores or unusual lumps, itching, experience unusual discharge from your genitals then consult your doctor immediately. These are signs of STDs, as different diseases have different symptoms but these are common signs such that it can alert you.

Point to be noted is if you have sex, you are prone to STD. if you are gay, straight, single or married you are vulnerable to having the STDs and the STDs symptoms. Also if you think that having oral sex will prevent it, you are highly mistaken. Anal sex actually makes you more vulnerable to having STD. Condoms are effective but are not hundred percent foolproof.

It is essential that you get yourself evaluated, and get treatment. This is vital because STDs increase risk of you acquiring another STD like HIV. This is due to STD stimulates an immunity response in genital area which causes sores which makes HIV transmission more likely.

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  1. Jung Ghea says:

    Adult film industry has maintained an extremely low rate of sexual disease transmission through a regimen of regular testing of actors and set inspections, with no transmissions of HIV since 2004; experts say results are surprising given how much high-risk sex takes place on set. All the best to you.

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