The Outcome of Open-heart Surgery

The Outcome of Open-heart Surgery

The lifestyle of people today has become so demanding and hectic that it becomes very difficult to sustain a healthy existence in the environment brimming with stress. Heart disorders have acquired a steady place in these traumatic conditions and so have their treatments which come in the form of surgeries mostly.

Heart surgery is carried out to treat problems in the functioning of heart. Over half million surgeries are carried out every year in the United Statesfor innumerable heart problems.

Few common reasons for which heart surgeries are carried out are

  • Replacement or repair of valve that run the direction of flow of blood in the heart.
  • Treat any structural abnormalities of the heart.
  • Implant devices to aid the control of heartbeat and maintain the function and flow of blood.

Open-heart surgery can be carried out by making a way in the chest wall so that the doctors can operate. After the exposure of heart the patient is linked to a heart-lung bypass machine. Another kind of heart surgery is known as off-pump surgery in which the heart-lung bypass machine is not used. Other than this it works on similar lines to that of an open-heart surgery. Nowadays surgeries are done by making small cuts stuck between two ribs. Such type of surgery is known as minimally invasive surgery.

Open heart surgery

The outcome of surgery in grown ups is always great. It can decrease the symptoms, make the quality of life better and help the person live longer.

After a person returns from a heart surgery, there are few things to be stressed on and taken care of.

Taking proper care of incision after a surgery is important. It can be done by:

  • Keeping the incision dry and clean.
  • Eating a fit diet to aid the healing process.

If there is excessive drainage from the cut or any kind of infection appears, it is wise to call the doctor.

The patient should be encouraged to have a healthy diet which will promote healing post the surgery. After the surgery a person will not have a good appetite in the beginning. The specific dietary instructions given by the doctor after a surgery should be followed strictly.

Heart surgeries have become a common treatment for many problems taking place in the heart. These surgeries can be carried out in different ways depending upon the treatment needed. Taking proper care of the person is essential after the surgery.

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