Threats to Health added in 2011

Threats to Health added in 2011

Every day in some part of the world, a new threat to our health and our lives has been discovered in the form of diseases. New diseases come in to existence because of extreme environmental conditions, high resistance by micro-organisms and ignorance by the masses. Many such diseases were discovered in 2011.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a disease caused by a spirochete bacterium named as Borrelia miyamotoi. This spirochete was found by a epidemiology professor named Durland Fish along with his colleagues. It was previously known to be found only in ticks from Japan and in ticks present in deer from Connecticutbut its ability to cause disease in humans was unknown. The presence of these bacteria was seen in all the ticks transmitting Lyme disease in Europe and United States.

This new disease can be characterized by the onset of very high fever relapsing with no treatment. Presently diagnostic tests are not available but researchers from Yale have received funds from the National Institute of Health (NIH) in order to work on a procedure for a diagnostic test for cases of the disease from the United States.

Vascular Disease

Another disease newly found in 2011 by researchers from NIH is a vascular disease which is extremely rare. This disease has been identified by DNA analysis. The genetic cause has also been recognized. The disease leads to Calcification of Arteries of the hands and feet as well as the vascular system beneath the waist of the person suffering from the disease. Heart arteries are not affected.

The new disease is labeled as ACDC. It is linked with the deficiency of specific protein CD73 which leads to accumulation of calcium. Few symptoms of the disease are similar to that of rheumatoid arthritis like pain in the joints and leg.

Nine people are diagnosed with ACDC. Five of them are siblings having mutation in a particular gene.

Pinpointing the genetic ancestry of the disease will help in developing treatments for the patients.

Mycoplasma genitalium is yet another newly found disease which is sexually transmitted by bacteria. It is one of the most commonly transmitted diseases in youngsters. This disease does not have any symptoms. Making proper use of a condom during intercourse and abstinence are the best methods to prevent the diseases.

Though new disease occur primarily because of external factors, it should be noted that the rampant lifestyles acquired by people as well as lack of discipline and ethics too play a very important role in giving rise to new diseases.

Diseases like ACDC, Lyme disease and Mycoplasma genitalium were among the few diseases discovered in the year 2011. These disease occurred because of various reasons like a bacterium, mutation in a gene. The arrival of new diseases can be controlled by improving the way of living by us.

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